UFO conspiracy theory

The idea that evidence of unidentified flying objects and the presence of aliens on our planet has been concealed by governments around the world, particularly that of the United States of America, is called " UFO Conspiracy Theory " and includes the hypothesis of recovery of aircraft that would have crashed to the ground and of an alleged cooperation between extraterrestrial entities and Earth governments that would be explicitly allowing alleged alien abductions in exchange for unspecified superior technology.
Others, taking up the concept of "exopolitics" coined by Dr. Michael E. Salla, would even support an occult interference by extraterrestrials on the events of world politics, in order to control and manipulate it.

Lots of people say there would be a general cover-up of the alien issue and even some generals, pilots (Admiral Lord Hill-Norton, General Arthur Exon, Vice-Admiral Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter...), astronauts (Gordon Cooper and Edgar Mitchell) and government officials, including former US Senator Mike Gravel, Senator Barry Goldwater and former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer, said the White House and NASA have repeatedly suppressed, ignored and downplayed the evidence.


The UFO conspiracy theory is characterized by a number of opinions and recurring elements including

  • The presence of a hypothetical conspiracy of silence aimed at concealing the existence of UFOs and aliens from public opinion, often through the use of special government agents (Men In Black) to conceal any evidence in this regard
  • The existence of an alleged shadow government or a group of oligarchic and secret power (New World Order) that would work to take totalitarian control of the fate of the earth.
  • The existence of a kind of agreement or alliance between governments and extraterrestrials aimed at favoring or hiding cases of alien abduction.
  • Typical factors of ufology (the Roswell incident and Area 51 ...)



Credible evidence has never surfaced about extraterrestrial UFOs. Astronomer Carl Sagan, scientific consultant for the Blue Book Project, and James Oberg, ex-NASA engineer, believe that there is no evidence of extraterrestrial origin for the unexplained UFO cases which cannot, however, constitute evidence for any hypothesis. Even according to David Morrison, a member of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, these theories are supported by little or no evidence.
Even exponents of the UFO environment have contested some elements of the UFO conspiracy theory: Jerome Clark thinks that sensational stories are based more on rumors than on concrete elements while Kevin Randle does not consider certain extreme positions, such as contacts between governments and aliens, credible, as well as other themes well known to conspiracy theorists, including the existence of Majestic 12.


According to supporters of the conspiracy hypotheses, this evidence exists, but is systematically covered up by military or government officials.
This would essentially be done to avoid a cultural shock to the population with probable spread of concern, panic and distrust in political, religious and scientific institutions.
According to others, the secret would be kept for the pressures of the military, for the fear of the end of nationalisms or even for the request of the aliens themselves.
Donald Keyhoe, ex-major of the marines, in the book "Flying Saucers are real" claimed that the Air Force was aware of the alien origin of the UFOs but tried to hide it, minimizing the sighting reports, Captain Edward J. Ruppelt instead he claimed that the Air Force had not attempted to cover up reports but had examined them in an organized yet confused manner.
Among scientists, the idea that governments and the military are hiding information about UFOs found nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman and university professor of engineering James Harder favorable.
The conspiracy hypothesis is also supported by some ex-US soldiers including Robert Dean and Philip Corso.
Dean claims that there would be a secret NATO report in which it would be said that Earth has been visited by at least four alien races:

  • Nordic aliens - very similar to humans of Scandinavian ethnicity
  • Hybrid-Androids from Orion, different by humans only for the greyish complexion
  • The Grey from Zeta Reticuli
  • The Reptilians, a reptoid breed from Alpha Draconis

Corso, author of the book The Day After Roswell, claims instead that the USA would have obtained valuable technological information from the UFO that fell in Roswell.

David Icke's personal vision


British journalist David Icke, in the late nineties, introduced his personal thesis, thus offering a sort of synthesis of most elements of the conspiracies about aliens: the world would be secretly ruled by the reptilians, an alleged alien species originating from Alpha Draconis.
Better known as Babylonian Bortherhood, this race of humanoid reptiles would have conquered the world and would include some of the most illustrious historical and political figures among its ranks (George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Queen Elizabeth, Kris Kristofferson ...).

“Don't you believe in flying saucers, they ask me? Don't you believe in telepathy? — in ancient astronauts? — in the Bermuda triangle? — in life after death?
No, I reply. No, no, no, no, and again no.
One person recently, goaded into desperation by the litany of unrelieved negation, burst out "Don't you believe in anything?"
Yes", I said. "I believe in evidence. I believe in observation, measurement, and reasoning, confirmed by independent observers. I'll believe anything, no matter how wild and ridiculous, if there is evidence for it. The wilder and more ridiculous something is, however, the firmer and more solid the evidence will have to be.”

― Isaac Asimov

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