Troodon sapiens (dinosauroid)

Beside humans, did high levels of intelligence evolve in other species, starting in the age of dinosaurs?

The theory of the dinosauroid is based in the hypothesis that dinosaurs had the possibility to evolve and develope a high level of intelligence.

In the 1980s, the large brain size of troodontids (Troodontidae), a family of dinosaurs anatomically very similar to birds and small body structure, led to the creation of a model of "dinosauroid" clearly human-looking but with very vague similarities to troodontids that drew more reptiles in general and their alien iconography than sauropods.

Troodon sapiens - the theropod dinosaur (Sinornithoides youngi)

Dale Russel, geologist and palaeontologist and curator of vertebrate fossils at the National Museum of Canada in Ottawa, said about his studies on Troodons:

The "dinosauroid" was a thought experiment, based on an observable, general trend toward larger relative brain size in terrestrial vertebrates through geologic time, and the energetic efficiency of an upright posture in slow-moving, bipedal animals. It seems to me that such speculation remains acceptable, particularly if directed toward non-anthropoid anatomical configurations[...]

Born in 1982, the 'Dale Russell' hypothesis, provided a possible alternative evolutionary path that sees as starting points Troodon dinosaur: if this creature hadn’t actually died out in the Cretaceous-Paleogene 65 million years ago, it could have evolved into intelligent beings with characteristics similar to those of the human body.
When Russell studied the first troodontid skull, he noted that while his EQ was low compared to humans, it was six times higher than that of other dinosaurs.
This, coupled with the fact that a steady increase in the EQ (the relative weight of the brain compared to other species with the same body weight) was documented among dinosaurs led to the following conclusion: if the evolution of Troodon had continued to this day, its brain volume would have reached the size of 1,100 cm3 and thus be comparable to that of a human being.
In addition, troodontids had semi-manipulative fingers, able to grasp and hold objects to a certain degree, and binocular vision.

Troodon sapiens - Dale Russell - Hypothetical dinosauroid

The dinosauroid model collected both harsh criticism and consensus but it is the overly humanoid side of dinosauroids that has attracted the harshest criticism.
Science says troodon went extinct with the other dinosaurs but there are people (reptilian believers) that think such an intelligent reptilian-dinosaur race could be possible.

Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception.
-Carl Sagan

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