Time Travel: the last piece of the Global Conspiracy?

Time travel dreamin'

The theme of time travel has fascinated man for millennia: we can send men into space, but currently it would seem that wandering in time is not yet allowed, forcing us to stay forever in the present .. or maybe not?
There are countless theories on the subject: time machines, travelers between past, present and future without forgetting the multiverse: could spacetime tunnels, parallel universes and extraphysical dimensions allow us to travel in time? can we travel with the mind using supposed paranormal abilities?
There is no shortage of conspiracy hypotheses: is it possible that we have already traveled in time and that, in secret, a device has already been created for this purpose in some government structure?

Can we do it?

First of all, it is important to underline that, on paper, time travel is not prohibited by the laws of physics.
In Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity, space and time merge into a new dynamic entity called "spacetime", which allows the possibility of paths, called "closed time curves" that could bend towards the past and bring us back into the future because, like large circles around the surface of the Earth, if you travel in one direction and go straight, they will eventually bring you back to your starting point.
The geometry of spacetime would take us back to a moment before departure.


Although the existence of these time cycles is linked to the universe itself which, as Kurt Godel demonstrated in the 1940s, should rotate and not expand, it seems that instead the universe is expanding but not rotating, making time travels impractical.
Admitting the existence of these cycles, we would still need something to go through them, a machine capable of moving at speeds close to that of light, which today, at least according to what science tells us, we do not have.
Only the combination of relativity with quantum mechanics could allow time travel, but there is still no glue to combine them effectively. According to the philosopher Christian Wüthrich of the University of Geneva, time travel could be possible if a new theory could somehow include the equivalent of the time cycles of general relativity.
The future of time travel might appear a little clearer if the correct approach to quantum gravity turns out to be string theory and a hypothetical M Theory, which does not yet exist.

Conspiracy theories and strange happenings

What if it was the famous aliens or the shadow government who traveled in time before us without our knowledge? Is there any evidence for this?
A photograph taken in the 1920s and exhibited at the Virtual Museum of Canada that caused much discussion: the inauguration ceremony of a bridge in British Columbia is immortalized, more precisely in the small village of South Fork. Among the crowd stands a boy dressed in a completely unusual way for the time: sunglasses, t-shirt, modern hairstyle, even something that looks like a compact camera held in the hand.
Time traveler or well-designed hoax?
The photo has been subjected to various tests to discover any handling but it has been clarified that it is not a photomontage.
According to the conspiracy theorists, the explanation is obvious: the guy would be a chrononaut, knowingly having himself photographed in a public event, knowing that the shot would probably be noticed in the future, in a newspaper or in a vintage photo exhibition.

time traveler-South_Fork_Bridge_re-opening_crowd

Someone went further by hypothesizing that the subject in question is none other than John Titor, a 2036 crononaut sent by the government in the past to recover an old IBM computer.
The whole matter was taken over by forgetomori.com, a site organized by Kentaro Mori that deals with investigating strange and curious phenomena and often managing to find a logical solution and with a series of tests would have shown that what seems like a printed t-shirt, it could actually be a shirt or sweatshirt from a university campus, that that model of glasses glasses were already available in the 40s and that the camera was actually one of the models of the Kodak Folding Pocket, already sold starting from 20 years.


However, there are numerous other cases of photographs that would demonstrate the existence of so-called time travelers, just think of the speculations on Greta Thunberg, Nicolas Cage, John Travolta, Vladimir Putin ...
In addition, we must remember mysterious and inexplicable cases such as that of the Man from Taured, Andrew Carlassin, Jophar Vorin,Lerina Garcia Gordo, James Oliver...

There are also those who connect the phenomenon of "Deja Vu" (the singular and unexpected sensation that makes us feel the present as a fact already experienced)to the presence of a multiverse and countless parallel realities, similar to what happens with the Mandela Effect : what has been considered by traditional science as a sort of flaw in the conformation of some brains, could therefore be the consequence of a real "dimensional leap" and, the fact that it gives rise to the classic feeling of familiarity, seems to be due to a kind of recalibration that the brain operates to compensate at a cognitive level the two realities experienced simultaneously.
Our awareness would slip for an instant on an adjacent and synchronic temporal plane, give a peek, and then, once recalled to the plane of belonging, it would take up the memory of that very short "parallel life" like a known but evanescent image, which does not belong to our history.

Although all this is considered to be the stragua of simple urban legends, conspiracy theorists once again recognize the government's hand in "denialism" and its intent to discredit and cover up the evidence supporting the already feasibility of time travel that it would therefore represent the last piece of the global conspiracy.

"If time travel is possible, where are the tourists from the future?"

― Stephen Hawking, A Brief History of Time

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