The Giant of Kandahar

Kandahar Giant: are there giants in Afghanistan?

In 2002, a US Task Force engaged in a search mission of a team that had disappeared shortly before in a deserted area of Afghanistan, found itself facing the entrance of a cave: on the ground there were the remains of US military equipment completely destroyed.

During the inspection, the Special Force was attacked by a giant at least 4 meters tall with long red hair, 6 fingers to the hands and feet, and a double row of teeth.
According to the evidence, the giant killed a soldier by piercing him with a spear or javelin before the rest of the team could kill him, shooting him in the face for thirty seconds.
At that point the giant’s corpse would be packed and transported by helicopter to a US Top Secret location for study it.
This event that is still kept strictly confidential by the US government has been the subject of Steven Quayle’s famous radio program "Coast to Coast" after which the researcher L.A. Marzulli decided to interview one of the task force members in on the kill of what was nicknamed by the military "The Kandahar Giant".

Kandahar Giant - Francisco_de_Goya,_Saturno_devorando_a_su_hijo

The soldier reported a gigantic humanoid who had a thick red beard and long hair of the same color, besides the spear, his clothing consisted of canvas or animal skin to protect the feet, like a sort of moccasins.
In the cave there were remains of human skeletons that lead to think that the giant was cannibal. The witness also told Marzulli that the smell was more intense than that of a skunk and more like that of a pile of rotting corpses. According to estimates of the transport team that piloted the C-130 from the recovery area to the United States, the giant's weight would be about 500 Kg.

The most interesting thing is the kind of training that had been given to the soldiers in the case of a fight inside the caves: the starting information was that the Afghan rebels took refuge in the caves and that, in the event of a firefight within them, they had to point strangely the weapon above the head of an adult man ,or rather, the first shot at the head and the next ones higher.

Kandahar Giant: Kandahar city

In their post-event report the soldiers were ordered to lie and change the version of events as suggested by their superiors: in addition to completely rewriting the report by falsifying events, during debriefing they were asked to sign a letter of commitment not to reveal anything of what had happened.

The witness stated that the US government has not disclosed this fact and has no intention of doing so as the giants wouldn't be compatible with "the way we explain our world" and argued that rumors about the existence of giants also came from the local population, which describes them as monstrous and cannibalistic cavemen.

The descriptions of Kandahar’s Giant recall the American "Bigfoot" but not only: at the beginning of the '800, were born stories the epic battles between the giants and the Native Americans.

Local legends handed down by the Pagliute Indians told of a race of red-haired giants called Si-Te-cah, exterminated by their tribe. It is said that they trapped the giants in a cave, throwing arrows at them and then starting a big fire inside. Sources have revealed that the mummified remains of several ancient red-haired giants were found buried in the Lovelock cave in Nevada ("the Lovelock Giants"): described as wild and inhospitable cannibals, they were between 8 and 10 feet tall.

The Native Americans say that these giants did possess a pike weapon: an iron tip of about 6 kg that, if attached to a pole to form a spear, would be difficult to maneuver for a man of medium stature, was found in Michigan and donated to an Indian reserve chief, would be the same as the witness claims to have seen in the hands of the Kandahar Giant during the fight and that it would have killed his partner.

L.A. Marzulli calls this weapon "the Nephilim lance": in his opinion the giant was a Nephilim, which were described in the Book of Genesis as offspring of gods and human women who inhabited Canaan at the time of Israelite conquest.

Giant of Kandahar and the Legacy of the Nephilim

Conclusions about the nature of the Nephilim, as borne out by quotes from the book of Enoch, the Books of Jude and Revelation, offers us a complete overview, as do the actual mentions in the original Old Testament of the Nephilim, Anakim (Anunna/Anunnaki), Rephaim, and Rapha who along with others descended from Nephilim forefathers. In fact, the traditional Hebrew view is that the "Rapha" meaning, interchangeably, "irrevocably dead," "evil spirits," "demons," and "giants", are the spirits of the half-angelic Nephilim offspring that were killed in the great cataclysm we called "the Flood".

The story can also be found in the books of Jasher, Jubilees, and the recently-found Dead Sea Scroll, the Book of Giants, an apocryphal text found among the manuscripts of Qumran, in which it is said precisely about the Giants, or the children of the vigilant angels who, by their choice, and under the guidance of their chief Semeyaza, would have descended from heaven, voluntarily renouncing their angelic condition in open disobedience to God, in order to join the terrestrial women and teach men the working of metals and other crafts.

Another very interesting case comes from the amazon near Ecuador and Peru: Russell Dement, a British anthropologist, always heard the locals talk about an ancient race of very friendly pale skin giants.

In 2014 Russell he was actually able to see and examine an huge female skeleton that was just unearthed after a flood: he stated that this women lived about 600 years ago and she was almost 8 feet tall, and it was perfectly healthy, there was nothing wrong with her. So after this discovery Russell and his team started to dig in and around this location and they found more skeletons, some of them were almost 10 feet tall and they too were perfectly healthy. Now this is an amazing discovery.
And at the moment Russell and his team are being very cautious, not really giving out that much information until their work is done, a very smart move considering how fast these giants' skeletons can magically disappear after they are discovered.

Maybe Russell’s work will be done soon and if he is telling the truth we might know if there really was once an ancient race of giant humans or a giant ancestors of ours that once roamed the earth.

" “Come here,” he called to David, “and I will give your flesh to the birds of the air and the beasts of the field!” But David said to the Philistine, “You come against me with a dagger, spear, and sword, but I come against you in the name of the LORD of Hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied. This day the LORD will deliver you into my hand. This day I will strike you down, cut off your head, and give the carcasses of the Philistines to the birds of the air and the creatures of the earth. Then the whole world will know that there is a God in Israel.” "
--Samuel 17:45

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Have U.S. Special Forces been attacked by a giant in Afghanistan?

According to a soldier's story, during an inspection in Kandahar (Afghanistan) the Special Force was attacked by a giant at least 4 meters tall with long red hair, 6 fingers to the hands and feet, and a double row of teeth.

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