The Terra Papers: a glance on Robert Morning Sky’s vision of the Mankind History

Star Beings in Native American Traditions

In Native American traditions, similar to other cultures scattered in different parts of the world, it is possible to find many legends of "Star Beings" which in a remote time would have given those nations knowledge and wisdom, lifting them from their primitive and wild state of life, bringing them to the state of "civilization".
Among the Hopi Indians, the Apaches, the Cherokee, the ancient stories of these "Gods who came from heaven" are still alive today who would have brought their laws, their experiences, their help and who once returned to "heaven" remained in "contact" with the ministers of the tribe cult.

Robert Morning Sky & the story of Bek'ti

In recent years, some Native Americans have begun to spread more recent knowledge and events that have seen them as protagonists and that connect to the history of their people. Among these, Robert Morning Sky stands out: always interested in the ancestral origins of our planet, this Lakota-Sioux chieftain has had the opportunity to travel the world and to deal with wise elders such as the shamans of Udughan, collecting teachings and stories.

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In his book "The Terra Papers, the Hidden History of Planet Earth" he provided his own interpretation of the history of man based on some particular events. He tells how his grandfather Dare-any ("the one who fears nothing and nobody") with 5 other young Hopi Indians, on August 13, 1947, a month after the alleged Roswell incident, witnessed the discovery of a crashed UFO and of a surviving alien. They recovered the creature they named "Star Elder" in honor of its home planet and, keeping it hidden in their desert camp for months, cured it.
To show his gratitude, the being, whose real name was Bek'Ti, revealed to the Hopi that aliens had been visiting the earth since time immemorial and that their geneticists had created humans from their own DNA.
Using a crystal to create images, the visitor communicated to the young that humanity would therefore not be born naturally, but created millions of years ago to serve this superior race called Kachinas.
Although man was conceived as a slave and worker, Robert Morning Sky affirms only thanks to this extraterrestrial intervention today man possesses consciousness and experience.

Hopi and Anunnaki

These theories closely resemble those of Zecharia Sitchin about Sumerian Genesis and the Anunnaki.
There is a further point of contact between what Mornig Sky maintains and the hypothesis of paleocontact studied by Sitchin: the Hopi cite a particular celestial body, Kachina Na-ga-shou, which should appear at the end of the fifth of the cycles in which the Indians divide the age of the Earth: it would appear as a bright blue star with a sign similar to a cross "on its face".
Nibiru, the supposed twelfth planet of the solar system, was also represented by the Sumerians with a symbol in the shape of a cross.

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According to Morning Sky, the race of the Katchinas of the blue star, which millions of years ago would have colonized the entire Solar System, came from the Dog Star, or Sirius, already an object of great interest also by several other ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians and Dogon of Mali.
Before leaving the planet "the masters of the stars" left traces imprinted in the rocks of the Grand Canyon in the form of six-finger prints: footprints that the Hopi have always associated with the Katchinas of the blue star.
Morning Sky has stated several times that although the Western world considers these stories to be myths and legends, the Indians, on the other hand, have always considered these entities as living beings and their masters, and he is convinced that they are closely linked to the phenomenon we call UFOs. The so-called alien abductions and the Grey Aliens would therefore be an integral part of human history as well as the origins of legendary or mythological figures such as Zeus, the Minotaur, Osiris and Isis can be explained and also logically inserted into the structure of the History of our Planet.

With this awareness at the end of the sixties, towards the end of his university studies in the religious field, Robert Mornig Sky presented a summary document of the history of Man and the Earth as Bek'Ti had told it but his work was immediately labeled an outrageous and blasphemous work of distorting historical documents. He did not receive a better reception even in UFO circles, so much so as to push him to keep his story hidden for almost thirty years. Since 1995, however, he has decided to try again by traveling the world and narrating what he learned from his grandfather and today he is one of the most popular divulger and author of books on the UFO theme.

‘Robert Morning Sky’s works dissent openly and rather pugnaciously from the views of both traditional white historians and New Age mystics. He also says he is proud to be a primitive rather than a sophisticate, tracing “primitive” back to roots meaning not derived from anything else, original, primary, etc. and “sophisticate” back to roots signifying deception, falsification, and corruption.’

– Robert Anton Wilson

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