The Silent Mind Control: Direct Energy Weapons or Psychotronic Weapons

According to some conspiracy theories concerning the so-called Electromagnetic or Psychotronic harassment, at least two decades ago, the Department of Defense of the United States of America, would have perfected a particular technology called "Silent Acoustic Range System", or S-quad, privately known as the Silent Subliminal Presentation System, an occult program that emits waves at very high and powerful frequencies (Ultra High Frequency, UHF), inserting messages directly into the human subconscious.
This tool, closely linked to chemtrail-based war aerosol therapy, was tested on Saddam Hussein's soldiers during the 1991 Gulf War and later also in Somalia.
The Silent Acoustic Range Sistem is an internationally prohibited weapon, developed, according to conspiracy theorists, in order to achieve gradual and total control of the world population.

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In recent years, the testimonies of people who, all over the world, claim to have lived the same disturbing experience of voices in their ears or in their heads, of "electronic torture" and gang stalking are increasingly frequent.
Those who believe they are experiencing all this call themselves "Targeted Individuals" (TI) and it appears that a number of these individuals have surgically removed mysterious microchip implants from under the skin, in an attempt to eliminate this uncomfortable situation.
Although several medical professionals have labeled these experiences as hallucinations, the result of delusional disorders or psychosis, most of the testimonies have common traits: victims claim to hear voices in their minds calling them by name, mocking them or others around them, or of experiencing painful physical sensations such as burning.
Almost all of them claim to be supervised by one or more people and various people who describe themselves as undergoing electronic harassment have committed crimes; among those crimes are mass shootings.

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Many of them have joined together to form support and advocacy groups (Targeted Individuals Association): among these communities there are some who claim to be subject to a government program that is harassing them and controlling their minds using Direct Energy Weapons or Psychotronic Weapons technology capable of influencing the habits of the victims, changing their lives to the point of submitting them to an alleged occult power.
People would be piloted, mentally manipulated to become, in extreme cases, even potential terrorists to create a climate of fear and terror, considered the only means of the power system to control the masses.

The methods used

Those who use these weapons can remotely detect the brainwaves of their human targets through simple electric current, computers and internet connection, using Neural Remote Monitoring (RNM), a software that allows you to interface with the web and then control people, together with the psychotronic device "Silent Sound Spread Spectrum" or "S-quad mind control signal generator".

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The occult torturers would be able to reach the victim's brain waves up to a distance of 10/20 meters (even through walls or walls) by pointing a kind of remote control equipped with a mini infrared camera or a screen in which the peak is indicated of brain frequencies to be memorized (Signal Spectrum analyzer), once this happened on the neural computer (NRM) and other enabled satellite psychotronic devices, the thought and what the victim sees that becomes so "vulnerable". Mind control can take place through other satellite psychotronic devices that are used by paramilitary groups (or deviant secret services) who are in the service of the powerful Kabala & Illuminati Masonic lodge.

The Pandora Project

Supporters of the mind control conspiracy believe they have found references to secret weapons, aimed at the psychic annihilation of people in both the military and civilian spheres, in government programs such as MKUltra, the Project Mannequin and the "Pandora Project" which began in 1965 and then became "Project Bizarre".
The Pandora Project aimed to analyze the possible applications of biological frequencies as "informative inputs" of feelings or emotions and to reinforce the brain rhythms associated with conditioning and data processing and involved the study and enhancement of different transmission methods of electromagnetic and remote microwave frequencies.
Among its objectives it is possible to include:

  • the remote use of microwaves to interfere with human neuro-electrical functions and cause effects on the central nervous system and to create specific effects on organs, such as cardiac dysfunctions, lesions or necrosis of internal tissues, with destruction of metabolic functions.
  • the manipulation of electromagnetic fields to cause remote conditioning, operating on the emotional sphere and inducing hyper-excitement, subliminal stress, behavioral excesses, increase in suggestibility ...

The Silent Mind Control: Direct Energy Weapons or Psychotronic Weapons-MUOS_Satellite_Earth_Terminal_antennae_at_NRTF_Niscemi.jpg

Even installations such as HAARP or the Mobile User Objective System (MUOS), a high frequency (UHF) and narrowband military satellite communications system operated by the US Department of Defense, are considered by conspiracy theorists to be covert weapons using the technology of electromagnetic radio frequency not only to cause storms, hurricanes and earthquakes, but also to modify the brain waves of individuals by modulating their frequency and leading them into a state of hypnosis in which it is possible to receive direct orders from other human beings.

This technology and modus operandi is easily assimilated to what Serge Monast hypothesized in what he called Project Blue Beam.

“Liberty does not exist in the absence of morality.”

― Edmund Burke

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