The Reptilian abduction of Herbert Schirmer

December 3, 1976, around 2:30 am, in the vicinity of Ashland (Nebraska): 22-year-old police sergeant Herbert Schirmer, engaged in the usual patrol inspections, noticed what apparently appeared to be blinking red lights above a large white truck. Having decided to take a closer look, as he crossed Highway 63, he stopped and pointed the lights on the strange object.
He immediately realized that the object was not a truck and that the blinding red lights were coming from what he himself called the "porthole": in front of him he saw a metal flying saucer of clear extraterrestrial origin hovering about eight feet above the ground. Around the object, whose surface looked like a sort of shiny, polished aluminum, ran a sort of catwalk, and in the lower part below you could see what presumably were the support "legs".

As the UFO took off it began to send flames below it and a siren sounded from it. The airship flew over Schirmer's car and disappeared from sight.
The young officer ran back to the police station where in making the report he noticed that it was only 3:00 in the morning. This finding left him stunned as he was certain that the sighting had lasted much longer than the 10 minutes indicated by the present time: Schirmer realized he had experienced "missing time", in the context of Ufology, a gap in the memory of a subject, relating to a certain period of time, from a few minutes to a few days in length.

The following morning, Schirmer began to suffer from some physical ailments: he complained in fact a headache, a “weird buzzing” in his head, and would discover that he had a “red welt” on his neck which was about two inches long and approximatively half an inch wide and located on the “nerve cord” below one of his ears. A few hours later, Police Chief Bill Wlaskin visited the alleged sighting site and found a small metal artifact whose chemical analysis revealed that it was composed of iron and silicon.

Tests and hypnosis

In a short time the Schirmer case came to the attention of the Condon Commission (University of Colorado), engaged in the investigation of UFO sightings, which summoned the sergeant to Boulder.
On February 13, 1968, psychologist Dr. Leo Sprinkle of the University of Wyoming subjected Schirmer to regressive hypnosis which brought to light many new details buried in the young man's subconscious.
It emerged that, as he approached the UFO, his police patrol engine had broken down and his radio had shut down. Then some sort of white object had emerged from the UFO and, after preventing Schirmer from drawing his gunshot, began to communicate telepathically with him.
The possessors of these powers were humanoid beings 4 1/2 to 5 feet tall, who later escorted the agent to the spaceship, where their "leader" would take him on a "guided tour", explaining various things about his race and its mission on earth. They told him that they would visit him twice more and that some day he would "see the universe".

The Reptilian abduction of Herbert Schirmer: Reptoid Aliens

Reptilian Humanoids

The entities had slightly slanted "catlike" eyes, white-grey skin, long, sharp heads with flat noses and slit-like mouths that did not move as they spoke. They wore silver-grey uniforms, gloves and helmets equipped with a small antenna on the left side around the ear (Schirmer believes that the small antenna played part in the process of communicating with him) and each suit featured the emblem of a winged snake on the left side of the chest. The ship's beings were friendly, powered their UFO through power lines, and had a base of operations on the planet Venus.

Well-known UFO author Brad Steiger, who had been involved in the initial hypnotic regression work with policeman Schirmer, revealed that during the sessions he recounted the events as if he were one of the alien entities and drew two possible conclusions:

  • it was a case of extreme identification
  • it was a case of hypnotic contact

In any case, the entities described by Schirmer would belong to the so-called Delta type in Brad Steiger's classification of alien races: Reptilian humanoids similar to those encountered by Pier Fortunato Zanfretta in 1978.

Opinion of the Condon Committee

The Condon Committee concluded that: the psychological assessment, lack of evidence and interviews with the policeman did not provide certain evidence that Schirmer's experience was real.
Regarding the unidentified object found by the police chief at the "meeting", investigators speculated that it was probably "normal corroded soil waste." Psychologist Dr. Sprinkle, however, believes that the subject "blindly believed in the reality of the events he described."

Schirmer's life after adduction

When he returned to his duties in Ashland, Shirmer was appointed the new chief, having resigned from Wlaskin. However, being the object of ridicule by the citizens due to his bizarre experience, he was unable to carry out his duties properly and stepped down two months later.
Following the separation from his wife, he had a series of psychological problems that led him to undergo regressive hypnosis again in 1968 with Dr. Loring G. Williams. The new details that emerged in these sessions are collected in two books focused on his experiences: "Gods, Demons, and Space Chariots" and "Gods and Devils from Outer Space" by Eric Norman.

"Saw a flying saucer at the junction of highways 6 and 63. Believe it or not!"
-Herbert Schirmer

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