Reharsals for the Great Replacement: The Kalergi Plan

According to the conspiracy theory on the Kalergi Plan (called Coudenhove-Kalergi Conspiracy also), there would be an occult plan to encourage African and Asian immigration to Europe in order to replace their "indigenous" populations.
The authorship of this theory, which finds credit especially in Right Wing scene, is attributed to the Austrian philosopher Richard Nikolaus of Coudenhove-Kalergi (1894-1972), from whom it takes its name, and was later developed through a selection, reworking and decontextualization of the original ideas by the Austrian denialist Gerd Honsik (condemned on two occasions, in 1992 and 2009, for having publicly denied the historical truth of the Holocaust) in his book "Kalergi Plan" (2005).

Since the end of World War I, Kalergi, founder of the Pan-European Union in 1922, had expressed the need for continental integration in order to promote the peaceful coexistence of peoples: in his book "Praktischer Idealismus" -Pratical Idealism- (1925), Kalergi distinguished between "Rustic man", son of endogamy, strong of will but weak of spirit, and "Urban man", the result of racial mixture or Blutmischung, feeble-tempered but rich in spirit, hoping for a worldwide diffusion of the latter as more inclined to the maintenance of peace.

Honsik reinterpreted these concepts as an attempt to nullify national and local identities, to impose the ethnic "mestizaje" and the "genocide" of the European peoples to replace them with the Asian-African ones in order to obtain an indistinct ethnicity of docile consumers, bent the needs of the market and the desire for world domination by unspecified political, intellectual, scientific and economic elites in Jewish-Masonic style.

Actually, Kalergi hypothesizes only a confederate union of States between the different European powers with the mutual guarantee of individual sovereignty and respect for the different European cultures, in contrast to the imperialist and totalitarian ideals of the time and despite the aforementioned "Praktischer Idealismus" Kalergi limited to the criticism of theses such as those of the superior race of the German nationalist mystic and the Nietzschean superman and in "Paneuropa" was far from theorising an elitist hegemony, Honsik is convinced that there are the premises of the alleged plan he denounced.

Later Kalergi Plan was used by the propaganda of the Third Reich, which personalized it in an anti-German key, following an agreement protocol - never applied - of the Allies of the Morgenthau Plan (then secretary to the US Treasury) of occupation of Germany after World War II: in this rereading, the attack on Germany would have been the result of the hostility of the American Jewish-Masonic finance and press which aimed to destroy the German economy also through a cultural and ethnic weakening.

A similar drift took hold between the 70s and 80s in France where the intellectual Alain de Benoist with his "Nouvelle Droite" revolutionized the political-ideological structure of the radical right, introducing the concept of "globalism", which theorized a plan of "Americanization" of the world made at the expense of national identities, to "standardize" the world population.
This project would have been conceived and pursued tenaciously by those peoples who, by definition, would be "without a history connected to a land" like the Americans, a people of immigrants, and the Jews, a wandering people par excellence.
According to the contemporary historian Elia Rosati it would be a "strange" alliance of forces that, starting from opposing ideals and ideologies (capitalism, communism) would have constituted a phantom elite which, acting through large companies and Left wing activities, plans the "Great Replacement" with the complicity of the Church, with its invitation to welcome migrants to Europe. As the openly anti-Semitic neo-Nazi site "HolyWar" claims the Pope himself would be an infiltrator of Jewish Freemasonry.

In the second decade of the 21st century, some factors, including the loss of unskilled jobs and the decline in economic stability in Europe following the 2007 recession - impacting more or less heavily on all continental economies - as well as the influx into Europe of hundreds of thousands of African and Asian refugees and migrants fleeing wars and precarious economic conditions, have favored the spread of Honsik's theories, especially among those most affected by the effects of the economic crisis.

Since 2010 the writer Renaud Camus has been supporting the danger of the "Great Replacement" (Le Grand Remplacement), that is, the colonization of France (and more generally of Europe) by Islamic migrants from the Middle East and Africa, which threatens to "permanently change the country and its culture and bring the continent to the white genocide". "The Great Replacement is very simple. Now there is a people, and in the space of one generation there will be another", says Camus.

The conspiracy theory thus elaborated maintains that the intended migratory flows of the last few years had long been planned, desired and encouraged by disguising them under the promotion of European integration by the alleged elites in order to reach a single mixed Euro-Asian-African race more "easily manipulated" by strong powers: an attempt at "planned genocide" with the aim and final consequence of "the annulment of the individual" would therefore be underway.

The existence of any ethnic group victim of the so-called Kalergi plan is judged untrue given the genetic melting pot that has characterized western peoples for centuries.

»The man of the future will be of mixed race. The races and classes of today will gradually disappear due to the elimination of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-negroid race of the future, similar in appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the current diversity of peoples and the diversity of individuals. «

-Richard Nikolaus di Coudenhove-Kalergi

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