Pyramids in Antarctica

At the beginning of the last century, the British explorers engaged in the Terra Nova Expedition directed towards the Antarctic regions came across a strange rocky pyramid, with smooth walls, very similar to those made in Ancient Egypt (Giza) so much so that it was renamed "The Pyramid".
Because of its apparent perfection, the members of the expedition wondered if - in the distant past - Antarctica had been the land of a civilization evolved enough to be able to build large buildings with such precision.
Especially in recent decades, various theories have developed around the mysterious pyramid: some recognize the signs of an alien intervention in it, others argue that it was a secret base used during the Second World War by the Nazis.

2016 and Google Earth revelations

In November 2016, with the advent of Google Earth, the pyramid became visible to all at coordinates 79 ° 58'39.25 ″ S 81 ° 57'32.21 ″ W. Google's satellites show a snowy pyramid, a perfect solid, of a “necessarily human” nature according to fans of mysteries, ufology and conspiracy. According to scholars, however, it would simply be a rocky spur, perfectly smoothed by hundreds of millions of years of erosion, especially as a research base is located just south of the mountain, in the so-called Patriot Hills area.

The nunatakkers

It would not be the only Antarctic pyramid: The Ellsworth mountain range, along which the Pyramid is located, extends for over 400 km and has a series of peaks of the same shape. The American aviator Lincoln Ellsworth during an overflight carried out on November 23, 1935, was the first to have an overall overview of this succession of "natural" solids.


The Pyramid is located in a sector of the chain known as the “Heritage Range” due to the large number of fossils found on the spot. These formations are not only characteristic of Antarctica, but also of the coasts of Greenland: the Inuit have renamed these rock pyramids emerging from the ice "nunatakker".

Conspiracies on Antarctica and its Pyramids

Although Antarctica looks like an expanse of ice today, it wouldn't always be like this: the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) found that millions of years ago, Antarctica's climate was much warmer because its location was more close to the equator, and was covered in lush rainforests. Only later, through the tectonic theory of plates, would it come to occupy its current position, gradually approaching the geographic South Pole year after year.

A representation of Antarctica as a continent covered with vegetation, full of jungles, completely ice-free rivers is contained in the Piri Reis Map: it suggests that someone found Antarctica about three hundred years before the official explorers stumbled upon it and it was now completely ice capped.

In addition to the Piri Reis map, other similar maps have been discovered over the centuries.

  • The Bauche map of which there are two versions (one which is believed to represent exactly the ice-free coast of Antarctica and the other which makes no mention of the continent whatsoever)

  • The Orontius Finaeus map showing Antarctica without ice. According to Dr. WD Urry's dating method from the Carnegie Institution of Washington DC, scientists have discovered that Antarctica's rivers, the sources of water collection and its dispersion, flowed about 6,000 years ago, as depicted on this map.

A more recent expedition - led by NASA and involving 11 other scientific organizations - discovered misplaced microbial life forms deep in Antarctica's Lake Vida, trapped under a 20-meter-thick sheet of ice. Microbial colonies have thrived in isolation for millions of years, and scientists believe they are the descendants of microorganisms that lived in a much warmer climate.

Hitler, Neu Berlin and the Nazis in Antarctica

It also seems that the Nazis were aware of the ancient maps of Antarctica: it is well known that Hitler was fond of the occult, lost civilizations, ancient technologies and the lost continent of Atlantis.
Eventually he became convinced that Antarctica and Atlantis were the same, and believed that somewhere down there he would find ancient and mystical artifacts buried in the ice that could help him achieve the world domination.

Pyramids in Antarctica-Nazi_in_Antarctica

According to some conspiracy theories, the Nazis would have formed a team to investigate the continent: during their exploratory expedition they would have created a huge artificial cave, large enough to hide vehicles and military equipment. Furthermore, the Nazis in Antarctica are said to have built a vast base called Base 211 (or New Berlin).

What if the pyramid was really an artificial construction?

Conspiracy theorists claim that our planet is filled with relics and monuments that prove the Earth was once populated by extremely advanced civilizations.
Accepting this idea universally in their opinion is difficult as the implications of such discoveries are complex and could turn the scientific world upside down. No history book has ever mentioned an Antarctic civilization with the skills and technology needed to erect huge pyramids.

Since even with today's technology, building massive structures such as the pyramids of Antarctica would be somewhat challenging, the construction of these mysterious monuments must have occurred in the past, when Antarctica was a favorable place for human life. But if mainstream science claims that the wheel was not invented until about 6,000 years ago and that anatomically modern humans ruled fire only 125,000 years ago, where can these pyramids fit chronologically? Are they testimony of an ancient advanced civilization? Is this evidence of the viability of time travel?

“Antarctica has this mythic weight. It resides in the collective unconscious of so many people, and it makes this huge impact, just like outer space. It’s like going to the moon.”

— Jon Krakauer

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