Pier Fortunato Zanfretta: the night watchman who met the reptilians

The best known and most controversial case of an Italian alleged alien abduction

At 11.30 pm on Wednesday 6 December 1978, security guard Pier Fortunato Zanfretta (Nova Milanese, 28 December 1952), on duty on a Fiat "126" in the Torriglia area, a small town on the heights of the Genoese hinterland, heads towards "Casa Nostra", the Genoese dentist Ettore Righi's villa of.
Shortly before the last corner, suddenly, the car's engine and headlights go off and Zanfretta notices four lights in the garden of the villa. Thinking of thieves, he picks up the radio microphone to communicate it to the operations center of the security institute, but the radio is out of order.
At this point, Zanfretta takes up his service weapon, a Smith & Wesson caliber 38 special and, with the battery off on the left, walks cautiously towards the villa. The garden gate and the front door are open and he enters. Suddenly, something touches his back and Zanfretta turns around and finds himself in front of "a huge being, about three meters tall, with wavy skin, as if he were fat or wrapped in a soft, gray suit, yellow eyes. triangle, red veins on the head, pointed ears and hands with fingers with round nails “... or at least this is the testimony collected the following morning by the sergeant of the carabinieri Antonio Nucchi.
Terrified, Zanfretta escapes and returns to "126" where he tries again to contact the central via radio but manages to communicate with the operator on duty, Carlo Toccalino only around 00.15.

Reptilian vs Man

While the night watchman was speaking on the radio, a large triangular light, similar to a very bright flying saucer, larger than the villa itself, would rise from behind the house dazzling him to such an extent as to force him to shield his eyes with his arm and disappear into the sky shortly after with a great hiss extraordinary acceleration.
Zanfretta passed out and was found by his colleagues after more than an hour next to the villa, in a strong state of shock. As they took him away he kept saying: "I saw them, I saw them".
Subsequently subjected to regressive hypnosis, Zanfretta told not only to have been abducted and to have been subjected to invasive clinical tests aboard a UFO but also that the alleged aliens would have manifested their intention to move to Earth in the future.

On the ground where the mysterious object would have landed, the carabinieri then discovered a large semicircular imprint that in their report they defined as "the mark left by a helicopter or something big that landed on the lawn adjacent to the house".

Zanfretta was not the only one to witness the strange events: the Carabinieri collected another 52 testimonies of people who claimed to have seen a large flying object with a flat and triangular shape, emanating an intense light varying from white to red at that time and in that zone.

The second encounter

On a night between 27 and 28 December, at 11.46 pm, after an excited communication via radio in which he reported a malfunction of the car on which he was traveling identical to the previous one, Zanfretta disappeared again. The car, a Fiat 127, was found over an hour later on a clearing on the mountain road that leads to the town of Rossi. Brigadier Travenzoli who first saw Zanfretta reported that he was trembling and crying, repeating these words: “They say they want to take me away. What will become of my children? I don't want, I don't want… ". Strangely, despite the rain and cold, the night watchman had dry face and clothes but, even more singularly, the roof of his car was hot as if it had been subjected to strong heat not to mention that there were some gigantic footprints, with a concave sole, over 50 centimeters long, next to it.

All these elements were then part of the "Information report on the sighting of unidentified (Ovni) and humanoid flying objects by Zanfretta Fortunato" that Brigadier Nucchi on January 3, 1979 sent to the Unified Court of Genoa for measures to be taken.

alien abduction_close-encounters-of-the-3rd-degree

After the second "close encounter" someone began to think that Zanfretta might not be mentally stable so the supervisory institute made him visit by Professor Giorgio Gianniotti, a lecturer in neurology, a specialist in nervous and mental diseases, deputy primary neurologist at the genoese hospital of S. Martino.
On January 31, 1979, Professor Gianniotti declared that the patient was in perfect psychic and neurological conditions, did not present alterations of thought or psychosensory disorders and since both his volitional and logical-critical capacity were normal, he was suitable for carrying out his duties.

Between 1978 and 1981, the close encounters of the third and fourth type with alien beings of the reptilian type of which Zanfretta was the victim, were 11.

According to man, the aliens with whom he would have had these encounters would come from a dying planet of the "third galaxy" named "Titania", and would have seen in the Earth one of the possible planets to move to in the future. The aliens would be called "Dargos", and they would be completely peaceful.

Zanfretta claims to have received from the alleged beings a transparent sphere (initially intended for the ufologist Josef Allen Hynek) containing a golden tetrahedron capable of rotating in suspension.
Although the existence of the sphere has never been proven, Zanfretta claims to have hidden it in a place known only to him as any other individual (man or animal) daring to approach would be struck by it. Zanfretta said he felt psychically forced to go there at least twice a month, while ignoring the reason for such visits. He claims to have tried to photograph the sphere, obtaining, after development, only the image of five bright points.


In 1984 "Il Caso Zanfretta" ("The Zanfretta Case") was published, a book by the journalist Rino Di Stefano, of which there are 5 editions, one in English in 2014.

In October 2008 during a television broadcast of which he was a guest, Zanfretta declared that from January to July 2008 11 of the 12 inscriptions present below the sphere had lit up in sequence and that from August of the same year it was no longer more able to access the place where the artifact was kept.
In more recent times Zanfretta allegedly claimed on facebook that he predicted the earthquake that devastated central Italy on August 24, 2016 and, again on his page, he warned that the Dargos, the reptilian aliens who repeatedly abducted him, are returning.

Expert opinions

The psychoanalysts Mauro Moretti and Cesare Musatti who subjected Zanfretta to regressive hypnosis, stated that the statements made during the hypnotic state would be made in good faith while their colleague Marco Marchesan specified that these statements could still not correspond to reality as, being easy for the experimenter condition the patient and instill him with false memories, regressive hypnosis is to be considered an unreliable method.

During a broadcast on a local broadcaster, an exponent of the Italian Center for UFO Studies stated that the Zanfretta case would be a proven false, as the first drawings of the aliens made by the night watchman, drawings of which he would be in possession, would be different from the current ones : Moretti and Musatti, however, stated that the drawings in a waking state would be much less precise than those made under hypnosis.


The story of Zanfretta, like that of other abductees, is still unverifiable: no one has ever been able to deny his stories but it is also true that there is no valid evidence to support him as the photos presented are blurred or so dark to be illegible, the famous sphere impossible to show and not photographable for mysterious reasons ...

Today Pier Fortunato Zanfretta is a retired night watchman and is still awaiting the return of the Dargos.

There are three types of these aliens reported. These are the greys ... There’s the Nordics and these are the ones who look like us, except better; they are beautiful blond-haired blue-eyed god or goddess-like figures with incredibly perfect builds and they look totally human, except maybe they look a little too good to be true ... The third kind, which are the more disturbing kind, are what are called the reptoids, or the draconian ... They look like reptiles.

-Bill Schnoebelen

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