People from unknown worlds: two steps between Stargates and Multiverse

It is not unusual for literature and popular traditions to tell of people who appeared out of nowhere and disappeared just as mysteriously: between the stories of shipwrecked people, the discovery of strange children, characters who claim to come from another time or from other worlds, it is difficult to establish when the legend leaves room for real events.
The Man from Taured, The Man from Laxaria, The Green Childern of Woolpit and Banjos, James Oliver, Lerina Garcia Gordo and John Titor are just the best known examples.

How much truth is there in these stories?
Since many of these facts are regularly documented and mysteries related to people from unknown worlds have always aroused the interest of the public, it is difficult to say.

Many theorists believe that our reality is only one of the infinite frequencies coexisting within a multi-verse, so today terms such as parallel dimension and alternate universes are now in the public domain.
There are those who claim that our reality is systematically visited by beings from other dimensions and there are those who are convinced that any decision taken by any human being would create, from scratch, new universes in which each of the possible options that could be chosen would take shape, like in a tree diagram in which there are all possible choices and their consequences.

The Theory of the Multiverse.

The concept of the multiverse was rigorously proposed for the first time by Hugh Everett III in 1957 with the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics but it is the American writer and psychologist William James who first coined the term "Multiverse".

In modern physics, the multiverse is a hypothesis that postulates the existence of coexisting and alternative universes outside our spacetime (parallel dimensions); it is the possible consequence of some scientific theories including string theory and bubble theory (also known as 'eternal inflation').

The idea of parallel universes, which over the years has become one of the pivotal topics of science fiction, was taken up by the American writer Murray Leinster in 1934, and later by many others, such as Jorge Luis Borges.

The scientific community position

The theory of the Multiverse is a source of debate within the scientific community: traditional physicists consider it a frontier science and some argue that the theory needs adequate studies to be validated.
Others label it as pseudoscience, being a pure theoretical speculation not confirmed by experimental data or evidence and not even the theories from which it derives can be experimentally confirmed.

Skeptics aside, it is undeniable that a large group of 'unconventional' physicists are carrying out studies to validate the existence of the multiverse.

The Space Time Flat.

According to some theories, the starting assumption would be the idea that space-time is not at all spherical, or 'donut shape', but flat. If space-time were to extend in the plane to infinity, at some point a process of cyclic repetition would occur, as there cannot be infinite combinations of particles that could be arranged in space and time. So, if we moved far enough in space-time, we could meet another version of us, or rather, infinite versions of us.

The Stargates

People from unknown worlds_stargate

For Stargate we mean an alleged portal that would allow you to connect two points in space almost instantaneously. Although in the scientific field the existence of stargates has not yet been proven, it seems that we are starting to consider the possibility that these time gates exist within the same dimension.

In the field of frontier science, the historian and scientific researcher Nassim Haramein, philosopher and leader of the Resonance Project, known for his unified field theory that he calls the Haramein-Rauscher Metric, asserts that sunspots are actually small holes blacks of variable duration, corresponding to space-time 'windows', of the fate of stargates through which one could travel through worlds and dimensions unknown to man.

“In some parallel universe, there exists another you and also this message. That version of you is thinking about you right about now.”

― Rajesh`

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