One thousand aspects of Adrenochrome

Although Adrenochrome has had very little success in science, it has become the undisputed protagonist in fiction and reinvented itself as one of the cornerstones of a rigorously "made in the USA" conspiracy theory popularized mainly by QAnon's followers.

From literature to conspiracy theory

It all began with Aldous Huxley's essay "The doors of perception", from 1954 in which the famous English philosopher and writer recounts psychedelic experiences under the influence of mescaline. Adrenochrome is described as a hallucinogenic drug produced naturally by our body and linked in some way to adrenaline.

This Huxley legacy is recounted by Anthony Burgess who in his "A Clockwork Orange" speaks of a substance very similar to Adrenochrome. The real turning point, however, only comes with Hunter S. Thompson's novel "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" (1971) and the subsequent film adaptation by Terry Gilliam in 1998, in which the Director gives the substance imaginative and somewhat " narcotics ".

All these elements are mixed with a series of conspiracy hypotheses that see the progressive American establishment involved in a global racket, where all the missing children become victims of a pedophile network that would be covered at high levels, complete with satanic rituals with a vague Masonic and Kabbalistic flavor.
The rumors of the involvement of progressive elites in these crimes related to the Pizzagate scandal, an obscure affair involving John Podesta, Hillary Clinton's right-hand man and other demos, have truly become an obsession in the United States.

Adrenochrome: the drug of the powerful

According to the beliefs of the conspiracy fringe, Adrenochrome would be quite popular among American elites, especially in the circles that revolve around Hollywood.
Conspiracy theorists believe that people subjected to violence and torture would produce a great deal of it and if this substance were taken by others it would have a strong revitalizing power for the cells, as a kind of elixir of life. However, since, if obtained from adults, it would give very serious side effects, it would be far preferable to use that coming from children.

Adrenochrome from children torture

A rumor has it that tunnels have been discovered where tens of thousands of children were segregated, to be tortured and used for the extraction of this Adrenochrome, which politicians, actors and VIPs would use.
This discovery would later be disclosed by Trump close to the elections, consequently Bill Clinton, along with his wife Hillary and other members of the Democratic Party of the United States, was accused by the QAnon conspiracy propaganda of being a pedophile monster who would feed on a substance "taken from small victims".

Adrenochrome and Coronavirus

What does Adrenochrome have to do with SARS-CoV2 and Covid-19? In the NoVax, esoteric and alternative medicine circles it is argued that the Coronavirus would not originate by spillover from the beta-Coronaviruses of bats to people but would originate from a badly cut batch of Adrenochrome.

Conclusions: the opinion of science

All these rumors, to date, do not find effective evidence and none of the hypothesized facts have been verified.


Scientifically, Adrenochrome (C9H9NO3) exists: it is an organic chemical compound secreted by the oxidation of adrenaline produced physiologically by man in small quantities as a secondary product of the catabolism of the aforementioned adrenal hormone in situations of particular stress.
However, it soon degrades, and although it can also be produced in in vitro solutions with suitable oxidizing agents, it would not be possible to use it even for clinical purposes (for example in the treatment of schizophrenia).
Even the hypotheses of its industrial production to make it a psychedelic drug are not reflected, if not in novels and cinema. While it is true that small doses are studied for research purposes, it is still difficult to think that it could become the subject of a real drug business.

The easiest way to do this is for each of us to try to imagine what is going on inside the possessed mind of a drug addict.

-L. Ron Bumquist "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas"

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