The Norwegian spiral: UFO, atmospheric phenomenon, stargate or messianic apparition by Project Blue Beam?

A spiral in the sky

On December 9, 2009, just on the eve of the Nobel Prize acceptance speech by Barack Obama, in the Norwegian skies it was possible to witness a singular phenomenon that began with the appearance of a luminous globe radiating rings of light, which they subsequently assumed spiral shape, becoming white towards the outside and blue towards the nucleus of origin and then resolving into a sort of spiral "black hole" larger than that the moon.
Witnesses claim that the apparition would have covered a stretch of sky, leaving behind a bluish trail.

The Norwegian spiral: UFO, atmospheric phenomenon, stargate or messianic apparition by Project Blue Beam?-Singular_Phaenomenon

Hypothesis on the origin

The copiously filmed and photographed event has been the subject of various conjectures about its possible origin.
Two independent researchers, David Wilcock and Richard Hoagland, have hypothesized that behind the spiral there is HAARP, considered a space weapon of mass destruction, since a very similar installation would be located in Tromso near the place where it is the luminous vortex was spotted: Hoagland points the finger at the Ramfjordmoen EISCAT facility specially designed to transmit powerful microwave energy beams into space and officially operated by Norway, Sweden, Finland, Japan, China, UK and Germany.
But that's not all: based on confidential sources, Wilcock revealed that Norwegian light would be part of the Project Blue Beam with a view to creating mass psychological conditioning aimed at creating the New World Order.

The Norwegian spiral: UFO, atmospheric phenomenon, stargate or messianic apparition by Project Blue Beam?_Illuminati_NWO_ProjectBlueBeam

The spiral of light, according to Wilcock would be similar to others, such as that appeared in Russia in 2006 and another supply in China, in April 2009 and all of which are attributable to the technology of HAARP.
If all this were true, it could have been an effect created ad Hoc to try to simulate an extraterrestrial or "transcendent" aura around Barack Obama's Nobel acceptance speech, scheduled for the following day, December 10: although Hoagland, in his analysis, hypothesized that the Norwegian light may have been a warning to Barack Obama from those who use HAARP, it would be more likely that Obama himself was completely in agreement with the military using HAARP for the creation of the new global order.

HAARP as a weapon of mass destruction

H.A.A.R.P. in fact would have numerous military and strategic applications as well as the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), commonly known as Star Wars following the popular science fiction film of the time, and proposed by US President Ronald Reagan on 23 March 1983 to use ground and space-based weapon systems to protect the United States from ballistic missile attacks with nuclear warheads using radio frequencies.
According to some conspiracy theorists, bombarding the ionosphere with radio waves could unleash an environmental and climate war to manipulate wather and unleash earthquakes or use scalar energy to hit targets on earth: cities, industrial sites, buildings, people. Not only that, with E.L.F. electromagnetic weapon with the use of extremely low waves can affect the mood of the population to undermine their state of health and produce in our brain what is called "Electromagnetic Anesthesia". This theory proposes that portions or segments of the human brain, in particular the right hemisphere, the hypothalamus and the prefrontal lobes, are literally anesthetized or manipulated by ELF, by radiofrequency technologies by various chemical agents such as vaccines, fluoride and chemtrails.

The Norwegian spiral: UFO, atmospheric phenomenon, stargate or messianic apparition by Project Blue Beam?-The_HAARP_HF_Ionosonde Antenna

HAARP would therefore also be a potential biological weapon capable of carrying out psychological manipulation with the use of electromagnetic waves, all integrated into the Project Blue Beam . The other hypothesis involving Project Blue Beam is that the spiral is a test for the holographic projections that it would use to condition the population, a test of transmission in anticipation of the future operation of the world occult government: since the Russia has announced that it has everything ready to send satellites with holographic technology into space to be able to project images on Earth, this consideration seems entirely concrete.

Further theories

Others recognize in this phenomenon a concrete possibility of implementing the theories on the Space/Time distortion or that it is even a portal used by beings from other worlds to access our dimension (Stargate). The opening and closing of an interdimensional gap and the fact that at CERN in Geneva scientists are conducting experiments involving frightening energies to create mini black holes do not seem pure and simple coincidences.

The Norwegian spiral: UFO, atmospheric phenomenon, stargate or messianic apparition by Project Blue Beam?-Black_holes

The official explanation, however, which came only after 24 hours of total silence on the part of all world institutions, is that this is a failed Russian missile launch.
However, there would be suspicious elements in this version: the fact that the spiral is almost perfect unlike the previous missile tests and that there is no explanation of the light source present at the bottom, the failure of the institutions to take a position even following the Russian confession, the shape of the "missile tail" which would be narrow at the bottom and wide near the spiral instead of the other way around, as it should be, instill doubts about the veracity of this statement.
Even today, someone is convinced that the strange activity of the Sun and some areas of the universe (our galaxy and its planets) and their anomalous behaviors in recent years have produced this spectacular effect.

The Norwegian spiral: UFO, atmospheric phenomenon, stargate or messianic apparition by Project Blue Beam?-Russian_Intercontinental_Ballistic_Missile_launch

However, if we accept the fact that the Norwegian spiral (and the others) are not natural phenomena, it is necessary to ask who is in possession of such a technology but above all why they are doing this type of experiments and why the population should not be informed.

“Alpha waves in the human brain are between 6 and 8 hertz.
The wave frequency of the human cavity resonates between 6 and 8 hertz. All biological systems operate in the same frequency range.
The human brain’s alpha waves function in this range and the electrical resonance of the earth is between 6 and 8 hertz.
Thus, our entire biological system – the brain and the earth itself – work on the same frequencies. If we can control that resonate system electronically, we can directly control the entire mental system of humankind.“

-Nikola Tesla

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