Nicolas Cage is a vampire

Is Nicolas Cage a Vampire from the Civil War Era?

This is the question brought to light by Jack Mord, an antiques dealer who posted for sale on Ebay a bizarre picture of a man from 1870 in Bristol (Tennessee): the resemblance with the American actor was so shocking that he claim that Cage was a sort of "undead who quickens himself once every 75 yeas or so".

One of the proofs of Mord's Theory would be that Nicolas Cage hasn’t physically changed since his debut, furthermore, the "offending" image, found in an photo album of the Civil War, was the only one to not be labeled with name and surname of the person pictured.

The photo, which was offered at a price of $1 million, has since been removed but the question, as ever, is: could a real Vampire be captured in a picture?

On the other hand it is not the first time that Nicolas Cage are attributed doppelganger in the past: a reddit user posted another photo, found in a book on Mexican history, that would reveal a disturbing similarity between the well-known actor and the Emperor Maximilian I of Mexico.


The supporters of this theory are divided on three possible implications of the same:

  • Cage is an immortal vampire
  • Cage is a time traveler
  • Cage is the reincarnation of characters from the past, which would prove the thesis of immortality of the soul

“I want a relationship I can finally sink my teeth into."
-Alexander Sterling” (Ellen Schreiber, Vampire Kisses)

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