Nibiru: is it really the planet our alien "fathers" come from?

In 1976 Zecharia Sitchin wrote the book "The Twelfth Planet" and in this text a mysterious planet is mentioned for the first time on which the Anunnaki, the alien race that according to some theories would have visited the earth in the past, even interfering with the evolution of humanity.

The existence of the planet Nibiru is apparently proclaimed in ancient Sumerian tablets translated by Zecharia Sitchin himself; similar information would also be present in the Maya culture. According to these sources it has been established that Nibiru would be a planet (according to some, however, it would be a "brown dwarf") with an extremely elliptical orbit around the sun, lasting a total of 3600 years.

The name Nibiru comes from Sumerian mythology, and is the celestial body with which Marduk, god of the Sumerian pantheon and patron of the ancient city of Babylon (sometimes identified with the planet Jupiter) was identified. According to the cuneiform tablets translated by Sitchin, the literal definition of Nibiru would be "Planet of the crossing" and this celestial body would seem to be the one with the most external orbit, compared to our solar system.

Nibiru: Marduk and Tiamat Battle

Nibiru and the Anunnaki

According to the theories of Sitchin Nibiru is the planet where the Anunnaki live, and it is from there that these aliens with enormous technological skills started and then arrived on earth thousands of years ago. According to many, the cause of this trip is due to a deterioration of the atmosphere of Nibiru, which would have forced its inhabitants to come here in search of gold particles, apparently necessary to place remedy the environmental damage taking place on their planet, thanks to their advanced technology. It is precisely because of the gold that contact with our ancestors would have taken place: according to this reconstruction in fact the Anunnaki intervened on the DNA of Homo erectus creating Homo sapiens in a way to have more skilled slaves to help them in gold mining operations.

Nibiru and the end of the world

According to David Meade, whom some call a "Christian conspiracy theorist", the so-called Planet X (or Nibiru) will be the very cause of the end of the world. According to the author, in fact, Nibiru is destined to crash into the Earth, obviously causing the destruction of our planet; in any case it should be emphasized that David Meade claimed that the date of this impact would have been around the end of 2017, while the facts have disproved this hypothesis, at least as regards the date...

The same author then correlated the eruption of a volcano in Hawaii (Mount Kilauea) with the imminent approach of Planet X (Nibiru) to Earth.

Nibiru: The end of the world

Is there any evidence of the existence of Nibiru?

What does science say about Nibiru? What is NASA's stance towards Nibiru?

NASA itself has given rise to the hypothesis that they would like the existence of a mysterious "Planet Nine" (sometimes referred to as "Planet X"), with a mass ten times greater than that of the Earth. Many conspiracy theories see the mythical Nibiru in the hypothetical Planet Nine but according to science, even admitting the existence of this planet, there would be no risk related to an impact with the Earth.

Many conspiracy theories have flourished around Planet X, from those related to the Anunnaki aliens to those related to the moon (according to some the moon is an artificial construction used to hide the planet Nibiru from our view), up to the hypotheses on the end of the world by David Meade.

Official science, to date, has not endorsed any of these theories, considering the planet Nibiru simply as a legend, the representation of ancient divinities.

“There the original Sumerian Epic of Creation was translated and revised so that Marduk, the Babylonian national god, was assigned a celestial counterpart. By renaming Nibiru "Marduk" in the Babylonian versions of the creation story, the Babylonians usurped for Marduk the attributes of a supreme "God of Heaven and Earth." This version—the most intact one found so far—is known as Enuma elish”
-Zecharia Sitchin

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Does the planet Nibiru exist?

Official science, to date, considers the planet Nibiru simply as a legend, the representation of ancient gods.

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