Mysterious disappearances defying logical and conventional explanations: Lillian Carney

Missing Lillian

Missing Lillian Carney-Lewiston Evenig Journal- Aug 12, 1897

It was Sunday 8 August 1897 when the Carneys decided to go and pick blueberries with their daughter Lillian, in the woods of Mullen Bog, west of the Aroostook River in Masardis, Maine, an area characterized by the presence of dense forests and lakes, not far away from the Canadian border.
During the harvest, Lillian, who was only six at the time, walked away from her parents and disappeared. As soon as her parents noticed her absence, unable to find her, they turned to the police who quickly organized a search team. For two consecutive nights, agents and volunteers from the area searched every inch of the forest without finding any trace of the little girl. She was found in the woods only 46 hours later, a few kilometers from where she had disappeared, thanks to a deployment of over 300 people: it was about 10 in the morning when a certain Burt Pollard located her.

Lillian Carney- Disappeared in the woods

A sun that shines unnaturally

Lillian looked perfectly calm and healthy and immediately asked about her about her mother. In her hands she held some berries that she hadn't dared to eat for fear that they might hurt her or that they were not edible and she had a bizarre story to tell her rescuers: she said that all along she had been in a place where the sun was constantly shining, which left everyone in awe since it was about two days later, the child would have to watch the night fall.
Besides, the weather had been cloudy in those days, so she didn't understand how she could have seen the sun shine non-stop.

Strange and little beings

When asked further about her experience, the girl revealed another disturbing detail: in the place where she had been, there were strange beings, about the size of her cat, which she had made escape by clapping her hands. she. In addition, she said she heard rumors, probably belonging to the research group, one day before her discovery but that, initially, she had not approached for fear that they could be vagabonds or bad guys. Only later, hearing her name clearly, did she find the courage and finally met the rescuers.

Lillian Carney-Fairy World

The local press speculated that the sun Lillian spoke of was actually the moon and that the beings were rabbits but both assumptions are incorrect since the sky being overcast, the moon would not be visible and it is very strange that a little resident in that region did not know how to recognize rabbits.

Researchers of the Impossible

Many researchers became interested in his case cataloging it as a clear supernatural event: among them David Paulides, a former police officer who is now an investigator and writer known primarily for his self-published books, one dedicated to proving the reality of Bigfoot, and his Missing 411 series of books, in which he documents the disappearance of people in national parks and elsewhere to which he attributes mysterious and unspecified causes.
It is interesting to note the similarities between this case of 1897 and the more modern Missing 411 phenomenon: every year dozens of people suddenly disappear in the US National Parks, in inexplicable situations and without leaving any trace and then show up or are found (alive or dead), close enough to where they originally disappeared.
Lillian is a case in point.

David Paulides, has identified some recurring patterns which, analyzed with an eye to ancient European and Native American traditions, are linked to the folklore beliefs regarding "water-babies" and other fairies residing in the "invisible world", which sometimes believes that the human being can access.

It is no coincidence that one of the models that unite this episode and the Missing 411 phenomenon is the berry picking activity, identified by David Paulides as a strange constant in other cases, to which is also added the way in which the girl seemed not to be knowledge that someone was looking for her, and she remained perfectly calm throughout the ordeal.

Mysterious disappearance of Lillian Carney

Has she experienced a leap forward in time?
Where did she go and who were the strange things Lillian saw?
Could she possibly have stumbled upon a Stargate that led her to a parallel dimension or to one of the countless worlds contemplated in the theory of the multiverse?
Paulides is of the opinion that the so-called sun seen by Lillian was actually a source of artificial light... But how is it possible that such artificial lights existed in the nineteenth century?

There's more than one way between your world and ours. There's the changeling road, and there's the Ravishing, and there's those that Stumble through a gap in the hedgerows or a mushroom ring or a tornado or a wardrobe full of winter coats.

-Catherynne M. Valente

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