The Moon doesn't exist

Did Man really arrive on the Moon with the Apollo 11 mission in 1969? Is it actually possible for us to get there? .... but above all, does the Moon we see every night in the sky exist?

Many theories about the moon, even the strangest ones, have always found their place in the media. Certainly the best known and most controversial is that relating to Neil Armstrong's moon landing, however a new and fascinating theory is taking hold that questions the very existence of our satellite. In fact, according to this theory, the Moon does not exist.

This theory connects to those related to the famous "Planet X", which is also identified with the mythical Nibiru, as a result it is opening very controversial scenarios and igniting great controversies between the detractors and supporters.

According to Matt Rogers, who for many years researches abnormalities in sky, chemtrails and the existence of Nibiru, the Moon that we see in the sky would be nothing more than a "reflector", placed by the US government and NASA and used to hide from our view Planet X (also called Nibiru).

Why should NASA hide Planet X? According to Matt Rogers Planet X is approaching Earth and will cause the reversal of Earth's poles, causing a series of terrible earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other catastrophes. The leaders of the global elite have already prepared a series of bunkers and a rescue strategy for them but at the same time they want to avoid the mass hysteria and panic of the people and for this reason they have decided to hide Nibiru (Planet X) using what we we call "the Moon".

Official science obviously denies this theory, indeed it completely denies the existence of Nibiru, however many people believe that in this story there is at least something true, that the global elite wants to hide from us.

[...]It is absolutely without a shadow of a doubt that is not the Moon - it is too bright, too white
-Matt Rogers

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