Mandela Effect

"Mandela Effect" is a term coined in relatively recent times to define that condition whereby one or more people remember something differently from what it actually is.

This Phenomenon is named after the former South African president, following a singular event: in 2009, at a conference, the writer Fiona Broome expressed her total conviction that Mandela had died in 1980 during his captivity and that she witnessed the funeral rite live on TV...nothing strange then except that Nelson Mandela did not die in the 1980s in a prison, he passed away in 2013!

It's just the beginning: after a series of researches, Broome has discovered that she is not the only one to preserve this memory: a large mass of people could remember the same identical event in such detail when it never happened and this isn't a one-off: pop culture itself is full of details related to the Mandela effect.

Do you remember Monopoly, the board game published by Hasbro? Some insist that the mascot of the game depicted on the box, Rich Uncle Pennybags (or Mr. Monopoly) wears, in addition to his his top hat and business suit, a monocle, but that’s not true. He’s never had one. And again, the Darth Vader's iconic phrase to Luke Skywalker: “Luke, I am your father” actually would be “No, I am your father” .


How to forget the moment when Leonardo Di Caprio, finally, won an Oscar? It was in 2016 but some people clearly recall that the award ceremony had taken place several years earlier. These just to name a few...Collective hallucination? ductility of human memory that records false memories, also? No, the supporters of the Mandela effect believe that this is the proof of the existence of parallel realities (see also the story of Lerina Garcia Gordo in a parallele universe), that occasionally intersect and some say this is due to the activity of the Large Hadron Collider particle accelerator and the break of the space-time continuumtemporal, others follow the theory of the flat earth, others still believe that we are living in a simulation controlled by a quantum computer, suspended in a digital afterlife.. after all The Matrix docet.

"The Supernatural is the Natural, just not yet understood"
-Elbert Hubbard

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