The man from Taured: a passport from an unknown country

The Man from Taured

On a hot day in July 1954, a man arrived at Haneda International Airport (Tokyo) in Japan: his appearance was completely common, his beard and western-style clothes hinted that he was Caucasian.
According to the best-known version of the following story, some officials, suspicious of the man's circumspect behavior, decided to keep an eye on him: during Check-In, from his passport it emerged that he would have been from an unknown country called Taured.
During the interrogation, faced with the request to show the geographical position of his country of origin on a map, the man, native French speaker but also able to speak Japanese and other languages, indicated the area occupied by the Principality of Andorra, expressing disappointment not to find the name "Taured" written on it. According to his words, his homeland had been established for over 1,000 years, and therefore it should certainly have been on the map.

The Man from Taured - Map of Europe

The Japanese officers, aware that no one was aware of such a place, while verifying the authenticity of the Passport, did not believe the foreigner's version and suspecting that it could be a criminal, detained him in a hotel room watched over by two guards, in order to have time to investigate the mystery hidden behind his identity.
The company for which the man said to work claimed not to know him but, actually, he had an exhaustive documentation that denied the company declarations.
The bank that issued his check-book could not be found anywhere either and he also had cash of different European currency and his passport had been stamped by several airports around the world, including Tokyo. How did he get a Taured passport stamped in many countries around the globe?

The Man from Taured - Business trip

The following morning, unable to find an answer to the numerous unknowns, the officials returned to the "prisoner" to ask him more questions but, once the door was opened, they realized that Taured's man had disappeared into thin air: he could not have come out of the door controlled by the guards nor jumped out of the window which was several tens of meters high.

The man of Taured, known since then also as "the man without a homeland" or "the mystery of Taured" had vanished without a trace, leaving behind questions and questions that will never be answered because even all his personal documents, which could have proved the truth of this matter, had apparently offscounded.

Theories about the Taured Mystery

There are numerous theories spread around this event, the best known is that according to which the man of Taured is an interdimensional traveler who, passing by chance through a space-time gap, would have found himself in a parallel universe (see also Lerina Garcia, the woman from an alternate universe), ending up at Haneda: there would therefore exist a twin planet of Earth in which Andorra would be called Taured. This man may also have been a time traveler from the future (see also John Titor, the man from the future).

The Man from Taured - Alternate universe

Others suggest that the story, even if it actually happened, would have been much more banal / normal in origin but that it would have been enriched with enigmatic details through word of mouth, so as to become the great mystery we know today.

Finally, the possibility that this is an urban legend and that it can only be the result of someone's imagination cannot be excluded.

“People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”

–Albert Einstein.

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