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Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements

In the late '70s, while he was extracting gold from his land, David Hudson, a farmer from Arizona, noticed some materials of strange composition and coloring and precisely in correspondence with their presence, the vegetation was significantly robust and lush. David invested several million dollars in the following decade to understand how to obtain and use with these materials but it was only in 1989 that he managed to obtain more patents on these materials and on the methods to extract them.
Although other researchers had made similar discoveries in the same period and earlier, Hudson was the first to inform the public about it so during the early 1990s, he traveled around the United States holding several seminars and conferences on his findings.

The elements discovered by him are in close connection with objects and substances present in history and reading such as the Biblical Manna, the Egyptian MFKZT, the Mesopotamian Shem-an-na, the Philosopher's Stone, the Elixir of Youth, Orgone energy, Prana, Chi, the Holy Grail and the Ark of the Covenant, and to the concepts of modern physics such as superconductivity, Quantum coherence and Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC), a new state of matter discovered thanks the velocity distribution of the atoms and their condensation state.

These elements have been called ORME (Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements) and also Elements in the M state, m-state, Monoatomic Gold, White Gold Powder, ORMUS, AuM, Microcluster and have a fundamental feature that distinguishes them from all the other elements: the orbitals with an electron available for rearrangement, therefore capable of changing shape according to the magnetic field with which they come into contact, a behavior similar to a stem cell.
Currently the most controversial is the so-called MONOATOMIC GOLD which was already known to some of the great civilizations of the past: the Jews called it "Manna" or "The bread of God", the Egyptians "Tear from the eye of Horus", the Indians "Vibhuti or Bhasma of gold".
It is said that there is Monoatomic Gold in the legendary Atlantis: it is also called a metal of flames, it is a substance with a mysterious property of emitting unique energy, better known as "Orichalcum".

Monoatomic Gold and Alchemy

In alchemy, this substance is the "Golden Chalice" which helps transform the lead of the human mind (the ego, with its negative and closed structures) into gold. It is essential to emphasize that alchemists were not looking for the gold we all know, but the white powder or projection powder that we now call Monoatomic Gold, a transformation of the three-dimensional structure of common gold into two-dimensional gold, to which, already in antiquity, extraordinary powers of levitation, transmutation and teleportation were recognized.

In ancient Egypt, during the gold melting process, there were always small amounts of melted gold in the oven. These remains suffered continuously a process of melting and solidifying from cold to hot, since they were not removed from the oven.
Over time, artisans discovered small quantities of white dust where gold waste had previously accumulated.
Through this constant alternation of heat and cold, the common gold had become white powder that some of the craftsmen ended up tasting by discovering the most powerful substance capable of altering human consciousness and physiology.
Its effects remained for several days to those who had consumed it: also mummies were found in possession of this white powder.

Even in ancient India we find the formula to make the alchemical gold that Hindu alchemists called "Puttah". The most eminent members of some ancient families were used to ingest it regularly in small quantities.

The famous alchemist who made the "Philosopher's Stone" (Stone of Sage), Nicolas Flamel (1330) in his alchemy thesis, writes that mercury and sulfur, various metals are melted in the furnace fire and distilled to proceed with work then the substance changed to black, gray white, green, white, orange and finally became rosy purple stone like poppy flower. And after all, the philosopher's stone was completed: he said that three times in all he converted mercury to gold with the Philosopher's stone.

A mysterious metal appears in the "Takeuchi documents" which Takeuchi Sukune, a Takeuchi family who served the Emperor has been told as an oral message. It is similar to the flickering of the flames but vermillion, never rusting metal. His specific gravity is lighter than gold, its pure substance is softer than iron, a legendary metal that becomes harder than platinum when alloyed. It is said to be "Hihiirokane" which was mined at Mt.Kakakono.

Monoatomic Gold and the Anunnaki

Zecharia Sitchin claimed that an alien race from the planet Nibiru, the Anunnaki, came to Earth in search of gold, and that man was created to serve as a worker in the extraction of this metal.
Some scholars have suggested that perhaps the substance capable of saving their world and making them physically healthy and immortal was actually Monoatomic Gold and not common gold: the surprising result of combining the theories of Anunnaki and ORME leads to the almost inevitable conclusion that the purpose of the Anunnaki to arrive on Earth was to acquire the monoatomic elements in order to ingest them and therefore to be able to lead a long life.
David Hudson himself argue that the primary form in which gold is found in seawater is in its monoatomic state therefore the first attempt by the Anunnaki to obtain gold would have been to extract it from seawater, in especially the upper part of the Persian Gulf where the Tigris and Euphrates rivers meet.


Sitchin and numerous researchers, including British essayist Laurence Gardner, reached the following conclusions:

  • The inhabitants of the planet Nibiru came to Earth with the main purpose was to extract gold and precious elements and to have a workforce capable of satisfying their needs they created humanity to which they provided the rudiments of civilization.
  • They would also have provided the organic and natural equivalent of ORME, the knowledge of its importance and the method by which it could be made and brought internally by the individual to selected individuals (such as kings and patriarchs ..): thus justifying their extraordinarily long life and the reason for their presence in leadership roles.

The Ark of the Covenant and Monoatomic Gold

There are many mysteries associated with the enigmatic casket known also as the Sacred Ark, an acacia wood case covered entirely in gold, used to hold the Tables of the Law given by God to Moses on Mount Sinai, not least the way it was created on Mount Horeb. According to the book of Exodus, when Moses destroyed the golden calf of the Israelites, God forbade the production of carved images representing any living creature on earth or in heaven but immediately afterwards, God ordered the craftsman Bezaleel to build the Ark, specifying that above its lid there should have been two golden Cherubs.

It is said that in some situations an aura of divine light arose from the Ark, lightning and lightning capable of incinerating anyone affected, if he did not respect the prohibition to approach it. But what was the devastating light of the Ark generated from? According to Gardner, based on our present understanding of high-spin elements, the biblical Ark along with similar devices in Egypt and Babylonia was directly responsible for the scientific manufacture of the monatomic fire-stone, while also providing its own storage facility for the substance - hence the Ark's levitational and superconductive powers.

Monoatomic gold today: the discovery of extraordinary properties

Even today, monoatomic gold, due to its surprising characteristics, is being studied more and more, as it has a completely different atomic structure than the original metallic condition.
Traces of monoatomic gold are also found in nature, but metallic gold can be transformed into monoatomic gold only through an alchemical process. These are the very particular physical and energy characteristics of monoatomic gold: It is a superconductor at room temperature and it seems to behave like an energy producer by being able to give, accumulate and receive light / information / energy without any loss.
Its electrons merge with antielectrons and form opposite beams of light that rotate around the oval core and, at the same time, it produces an etheric prana vortex, which flows along a double helix through the nucleus of the atom which corresponds to the Kundalini energy.
It produces a zero magnetic field (Meissner field, that is, it has the ability to "move" the magnetic field away from itself) around itself, which corresponds to man's MER-KA-BA. Merkaba is the light body of man, which includes spirit, life energy and soul.
When they merge they form a unit that produces beams of light in counter rotation and able to overcome space and time.

Monoatomic gold exists only on 5/9 on the physical plane.

Pure monoatomic gold rises on the earth's magnetic field.

It does not wear out and its function and longevity are eternal.


According to the testimony of a group of alchemists, who have taken Monoatomic Gold for years, they have been able to observe the following physiological and energetic reactions (which coincide with ancient Egyptian texts, the Bible and the Vedas):

  • Regeneration of damaged cells including also brain neuronal cells
  • Strong activation of the endocrine glandular system especially as regards the pituitary gland, thymus and pineal gland
  • Significant increase in the flow of light and photons in both the meridian and nervous systems
  • Strengthening the immune system and increasing self-healing capacity
  • Increase in superconducting capacity and DNA energy flow
  • Reversal of the aging process which is significantly slowed down thanks to the energetic repair of the wrong programs in our DNA
  • Rebalancing and harmonious elevation of the frequencies of the chakras, of the body and of the Kundalini energy
  • Induction of an emotional balance
  • Expansion of the level of intelligence
  • Increase in stress management capacity
  • Strengthening the ability to manifest one's thoughts
  • Increased inner peace
  • Acquisition of greater clarity in the vision of external situations and consequent problem solving skills
  • Awakening of dormant potential
  • General improvement of the quality of life at all levels, both physical, emotional, mental and spiritual

Monoatomic gold and the Global Elite

Is it possible that there is today a Secret Society aware of these mysteries?
The consumption of monoatomic gold would allow a person to process infinite quantities of information, move through other dimensions and change shape, because, suddenly, inactive areas of the brain would be awakened. It seems that gold dust in its pure form would widely stimulate a certain type of vibration and energy at the cellular and neuronal level: this would result in an accelerated rejuvenation process.

If this were the case, a man could live in the same physical body for thousands of years, on condition that he regularly takes a dose of monoatomic gold... This would explain many mysterious aspects of the incredible longevity of some important people and would show the hidden intentions in the world of the global elite.

-“What was alchemy? It was metallurgy wrapped in mysticism. The pursuit of the spiritual by way of the material.
The great and noble effort to master the elements in order to achieve purity, perfection, and divinity.”

― Laini Taylor, Strange the Dreamer

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