"The London Artifact" or "The London Hammer" (Texas)

The so-called "London Artifact" is a hammer made of wood and iron found in 1936 in London (Texas) by Max Hahn and his wife. The object is often referred to as a OOPart , as it was apparently set in a rock concretion that would have been around 400 million years old.

Initially only a part of wood came out of the rock and the couple simply found a curiosity and brought it to their home; it was only a few years later that the son of the two decided to split the rock formation to reveal what immediately looked like a hammer; the strange thing is that the same rock that held the hammer also housed the fossil of a shell of a mollusk, dating back to 400 million years ago .

Is The London Artifact Proof of Creationism?
In 1983 the creationist Carl Baugh , who became aware of the hammer, decided to purchase it to exhibit it in the " Creation Evidence Museum " as irrefutable proof of creationist theories :

If the artifact is relatively recent, that means that the Cretaceous Hensell Sand formation from which it came is relatively young…

The London Artifact: what does science think about it?
To get a general picture of the matter it is important to consider that the area where The London Hammer (Red Creek) was found is full of waterfalls. Precisely for this reason scholars believe that there is nothing inexplicable in the discovery; in fact, the most plausible explanation seems to be that the block is simply a concretion of carbonate minerals following the evaporation of the water, which has spontaneously arisen over time.

"The London Artifact" is therefore one of the so-called "Out-of-place artifacts", or OOPart , such as The Baigong Pipes or The Antikythera mechanism? Not according to official science, which considers the phenomenon perfectly explainable; it should be added that Baugh, although claiming to have had the finding analyzed, did not make it available for any further independent tests.

This being the case, in the absence of a Carbon 14 Dating it will be impossible to arrive at the solution of this controversially in relation to the origins of the so-called "The London Artifact".

There are many open roads: is it simply a work tool abandoned a few hundred years ago or is it proof that someone is lying to us about the course of human history?

“Even a really bad creator would at least have started with Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Surprise.”
-Terry Pratchett

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