KANUS: Wolf Beings

The Kanus star race according to the Terra Papers

As reported by Robert Morning Sky in the Terra Papers, more precisely in "The Hidden History of Planet Earth", the universe is populated by many alien races, derived from insects, reptiles, birds and other forms of life unknown to us. According to this narration, the Kanus would be a breed with a similar appearance to that of dogs, or wolves.

The Kanus would be one of the two most important star races, second in longevity only to the ARI-AN, reptilian beings descended from ancestors of dinosaurs (See also: "the Troodon sapiens").

Origin and description of the Kanus

As described by Robert Morning Sky, the Kanus come from the SIRIUS star system (the Dog Star) and are a race devoted to war, barbaric and ruthless warriors who, although less evolved and disciplined than the reptilians on ARI-AN, have managed to put their ancient empire in trouble, thanks to their own ferocious determination.

Also according to this version, following the war between the two races a peace was established that lasted for a long time, thanks to the union between the reptilian queen ARI-AN with the king of the Kanus.

Kanus: beings similar to dogs or wolves.

The Kanus and the origin of Man

According to what is reported in the Terra Papers, it was thanks to the descendants of the union between these ancient races - which some believe to be the Anunnaki - that the planet Earth (called Eridu) was made hospitable and populated by various animal species.

Among these beings there was one in particular (called Apa-Mus), which stood out among the others: created to serve the higher races, he proved to be able to understand complex orders and even to communicate.

This ape-like hybrid was in fact created using the DNA of higher species and would later evolve into the human race.

The Kanus and mythology

Even in the absence of direct links between what Robert Morning Sky reported and the mythology of ancient peoples, if we think of humanoid beings with canine features it is impossible not to imagine a correlation with the Egyptian god Anubis, protector of the world of the dead, god of mummification and gods. cemeteries.

"[...]This second Star Race was one descended of dog-creatures similar to wolves. They were known as KANUS, Wolf Beings of the Star system SIRIUS (the Dog Star)"
-Robert Morning Sky ("Terra Papers: The Hidden History of Planet Earth")

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Who are the Kanus?

The Kanus would be one of the two most important star races, according to "the Terra Papers ".

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