Jesus Christ is Fictional Character. Or maybe not? The Christ Conspiracy.

Jesus Christ: many think that he is the Saviour of humanity, many think that he is an example to follow, many dedicate their lives to him and ... some think that he never existed.

It is difficult to be objective when dealing with such an important topic, however it is necessary to ask questions when a character (real or imaginary) catalyses the attention of millions of people, whether they are his followers or even his detractors.

According to official history there is no doubt that there are numerous references to Jesus Christ in ancient literature and he was mentioned by Jewish and Roman historians. The Bible tells us that Jesus Christ was a real person and in the past even the most orthodox rabbis who denied his savior or "Son of God" figure never denied his existence as a person.

However, despite the scriptures and traditions, there would be no archaeological evidence for the existence of Jesus Christ. This is a fact that is often kept silent, however according to the Church of England, a 2015 study shows that 22% of people in England do not believe that Jesus Christ existed.

If we try to dig deeper we will discover other theories and other points of view regarding Jesus Christ.

For example, according to Joseph Atwill (an American biblical scholar, author of 'Caesar's Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus') the whole of Christianity began as a system of mass control and a means of propaganda to maintain peace between different subjects present in the Roman Empire. According to Atwill's textual words:

"Christianity may be considered a religion, but it was actually developed and used as a system of mind control to produce slaves that believed God decreed their slavery."

The scholar is therefore convinced that the figure of Jesus Christ was invented - as well as the whole new testament - by Roman Aristocrats, so as to keep calm (with a "Peaceful Messiah") the Jewish sects that have always created problems for the Empire Roman with revolts, insurrections ... the invention of Jesus Christ would therefore have been an alternative system of repression of the poor and oppressed.

Another interesting point of view is that of Acharya S (Dorothy Milne Murdock), who in 1999 published the book "The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold". According to the author's writings (we also remember "Suns of God: Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled") Jesus Christ would never have existed physically but would be a mythological figure similar to others, such as for example Horus, Mitra, Osiris, Hercules and Dionysus. Basically, according to Acharya S, Jesus Christ would be the divinity associated with the Sun, as for other cultures were for example Horus and Krishna. This thesis is expressed in detail and often very strongly:

"[...] there is no evidence for the historicity of the Christian founder, that the earliest Christian proponents were as a whole either utterly credulous or astoundingly deceitful, and that said 'defenders of the faith' were compelled under incessant charges of fraud to admit that Christianity was a rehash of older religions. "

In addition to supporters, skeptics and numerous discordant theories, it is interesting to note how the technology we use every day can bring the figure of Jesus Christ back to the center of the discussion. In fact, a video on YouTube was very successful a few years ago in which the protagonist asked the Amazon Alexa device: "Alexa who is Jesus Christ?", Obtaining the shocking response "Jesus Christ is a fictional character". Fake video? Software programming error? Joke?

“You make the mistake of considering Christianity as something that developed over the course of a few years, from the death of Jesus to the time the gospels were written. But Christianity wasn't new. Only the name was new. Christianity was merely a stage in the meeting, cross-fertilization, metamorphosis of Western logic and Eastern mysticism. Look how the religion itself changed over the centuries, reinterpreting itself to meet changing times. Christianity is just a new name for a conglomeration of old myths and philosophies. All the gospels do is retell the sun myth and garble some of the ideas from the Greeks and Romans.”
-Michael Moorcock, Behold the Man

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