James Oliver: the "alien archeologist" from the future

Who's Mr Oliver?

He claims to be a "time traveler" from another planet from the year 6491 and stuck in 2018 on earth due to a technical failure on his spaceship, but strangely speaks English with a Brummie accent and slight American inflections: it is Mr James Oliver whose case jumps to the honors in 2018 thanks to a video of the Youtube channel "Apex TV" in which he is subjected to the lie detector test and manages to pass it with flying colors.

Great warnings and revelations

Mr. Oliver does not reveal exactly what his planet of origin is nor the name of his organization but claims to come from a planetary system far from ours in which the months and years are calculated differently as being his planet farthest from the sun than the earth is, these would be longer.

Waiting for a rescue team to pick him up - which could take days as well as hundreds of years due to the margins of error that time travel is subject to - describes a future where the interplanetary order will be guarded by a organization in the style of the UN, but of intergalactic proportions.

He claims to be a sort of archaeologist who, in order to study the different cultures of the past and find other forms of life, travels in space, from one inhabited planet to another (which, incidentally, would be many and would be colonized by more advanced life forms than ours) and over time, back centuries and millennia.

During one of these wanderings he landed on Earth where unfortunately there was an unexpected event: in January 2018, the supermoon interfered with the sending of an upgrade program for his spaceship's computer and the circuits were damaged.

Not only does he admit the existence of various conflicts between humans and aliens controlled for the most part by the Federation that works for the maintenance of peace, but he reveals that he knows many aliens with some of whom he would entertain a friendly relationship.

The alien from the future has warned us about an event of such proportions as to destroy the entire United States and that will happen, he says, within the next 200 years: the explosion of the Yellowstone supervolcano which, due to the massive the release of ash into the atmosphere would also have made it impossible to fly for at least five years. However, a hypothesis also advanced by our scientists on the basis of the growing telluric activity in the area.

Mr Oliver's awareness campaign continues with a warning on global warming produced by the concomitance of human activity and the cyclical activity of planet Earth which, when added together, cause a dangerous rise in temperatures with consequent climatic alterations that will lead, in the near future, to an increasingly hot and tropical climate with hurricanes and storms.

Some small anticipation

The time traveler also assures that our homes (and our lives) will soon be managed by Artificial Intelligence, or better, by a personal digital assistant called Siri, just like the virtual assistant previously developed by Apple Inc. Similarly, when we go to the cinema or entertain ourselves with video games, we will wear instruments and sensors connected to the nervous system that will "project" images directly into our brain and make us perceive the exact sensations that the protagonists of the story experience, making us experience an enhanced virtual reality.

The following advances range from the future journeys of the terrestrials in the solar system in order to create new human settlements due to overcrowding of our planet, to the ultra-technological holographic cell phones to the subcutaneous implants in which all our personal data and even our money will be kept.

James Oliver did not answer the direct question of who would be the next president of the United States, claiming to have limits imposed "from above" on the disclosures. In any case, none of the information given is specific, precisely to avoid, as he himself points out, tears in the space-time fabric, that is, alterations in the course of reality that could modify our present and therefore also our future.

James Oliver | Time traveler

Is Mr Oliver really a cronaut or just a well-orchestrated hoax?

To date, there is no evidence that the machine is a reliable and definitive test as there is the possibility that a subject can fool even the latest generation machines and there are still too many elements that can distort the results, as there is no univocal definition of the concept of truth. As in the related cases of John Titor and The Man from Taured what is evident, however, is how time travel is still one of the great dreams of the human being, waiting for an epilogue as in the novel by Herbert G. Wells "The time machine".

“... we have very gifted mathematicians working day and night … to calculate the relationship between our years and the years of the various different planets and civilisations that we research. After those calculations are complete, I’m from your year 6491.”
-James Oliver

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