Insectoid aliens in ufology and conspiracy theories

Insectoid aliens are an alien race with similar appearance to those of insects or arachnids from which, according to some, they would have evolved.
In the classification of alien races developed by the ufologist Brad Steiger, the insectoids would belong to the so-called Delta type and although this type is less common than the Greys and the Nordics in the context of UFO sightings, close encounters and alien abductions, it seems that, in some cases, witnesses reported that the extraterrestrials had an appearance similar to that of terrestrial insects. The accounts of their sightings are often vague so much that the Insectoids could converge in the great host of Grey aliens equipped with diving suits.

Insectoid Aliens

Contacts with human beings

The presumed alien race of the Insectoids would have a very slender build and the head with long protruding antennae and folded forward.
One of the most ancient references to an insect race can be traced back to tribes in southern Africa: there are traditions that refer to contact with supernatural beings, usually in the form of snakes or insects. The Khwe themselves worship a creator god named Kaggen which means Mantis. If before the nineties, the only alien insect known to ufologists was the Mothman, later other types of insectoids appeared in the ufological literature:

  • In 1992, during a conference on alleged alien abductions at MIT, psychologist and alien abduction researcher Brian Thompson reported that a nanny he met claimed to have seen in 1957 in Cincinnati, after a UFO sighting, an alien about 90 cm tall with a mantis-like appearance. Thompson said that one of his colleagues, Leonard Stringfield, had also met two different witnesses who had had had the same meeting in the same year and place.

  • In the book "Into the fringe" psychiatrist and researcher on the phenomenon of alien abductions Karla Turner, reported the case of a man named David, who during a hypnosis session remembered being abducted by mantis-like aliens.

  • In the book "Glimpses of other realities" the journalist and writer Linda Moulton Howe, reported some cases of alleged encounters with insectoid mantis-like aliens, including those of a woman, Linda Porter, and a man, David Huggins: both they were allegedly abducted by alien insectoids when they were children and only remembered the abduction in 1988. Another witness, Jeanne Robinson, claimed to receive telepathic messages from a mantis-like alien insect.

  • In the book "UFO experiences in Canada" Vicki Cameron, reported the story of an alleged encounter with locust-like insectoid aliens, that occurred in Canada in 1966 and that the protagonist would remember many years later.

  • Canadian ufologist Martin Jasek reported a case of the alleged abduction of a man by grasshopper-like insectoids in the Yukon in September 1987.

  • Insectoids are also the subject of contactees' stories: Riley Martin, in the book "The Coming of Tan", stated that in a mother ship orbiting Saturn there would be representatives of seven alien races including a race of insectoids, the Skreed.

Within the framework of conspiracy theories on UFOs, various ideas and assumptions about this alleged type of aliens have developed.
According to some supporters of the psychosocial hypothesis, the phenomenon of insectoid aliens is explained by the influence of mass culture: Martin Kottmeyer noted that giant mantids, though not aliens, were featured in films such as "The Deadly Mantis", aliens in the shape of locusts appeared in the movie "Quatermass and the Pit". According to Kottmeyer this type of insect is particularly suitable to become the object of fear and horror and to influence the thought of some subjects.


The Mantis race is a type of insectoid alien that lives on a semi-arid planet with very few wetlands, which according to recent research could be found among the stars of the constellation of Scorpio or Virgo.

Insectoid aliens_mantis

There are three different types of Mantises:

  • Green Mantis (the most common)
  • Brown Mantis
  • White Mantis (at the top of a more important hierarchy)

A variant of the Mantis with golden rust skin also survives, but it seems that this color derives from a kind of mutation, a bit like our albino humans. Their height can vary from about two meters up to eight or even ten meters.

Someone claims that the mantises have had, since ancient times, a privileged relationship with the Jewish nation. According to this theory, it would have been the Insectoid aliens to designate the Jews as a chosen people and to plan the exodus to seek the Promised Land to pursue their dark ends. This "recognition" would be attributable to a particular conformation of the DNA which, among the various human races, makes it more suitable, thus simplifying all the experiments and the work they do.
Not only that: all people with an Alien Mantis Spirit would have Jewish origins. The Semitic writing itself would be of alien origin (like most of the forms of writing existing on our planet): it would derive from the mantid writing, then modified over the centuries to make it suitable for the human context.

Thanks to their telepathic abilities, the Mantises are able to manipulate the perception of reality of human beings and also conduct genetic experiments, hybridizations through the creation of human-alien fetuses, microchip implants for the psycho-physical control of the abductees.

Insectoid aliens_Alien races

According to prof. David Jacobs, Temple University historian and author of "The treath", the goal of the aliens would be the biogenetic modification of the terrestrials for the purpose of coexistence between humans and aliens on Earth.In his vision the true instigators of such a sinister plan would be the Great Insectoids or Mantis, instead of the Greys.
This project should end in about four generations, by which time the entire earth population will have undergone at least one abduction experience. At this point normal people will become second-class civilians with very limited rights compared to "hybrids".

"A vital energy that would make the alien immortal. Man, in fact, would be nothing more than a container of three vital sources that we conventionally call: soul, mind and spirit. These three consciousnesses would be representable as groups of vectors or, in some ways, describable as groups of color quarks. Aliens would only be interested in the species of the soul since it lacks the axis of time and therefore immortal.
It would be nested within human bodies to make experience of the solid world and, in particular, experience of the beginning and end of things. Among these experiences, then, there would also be that of death, and this is why at present man, the container of these three conscious entities, dies."

-Corrado Malanga

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