The Grey Aliens or Zeta Reticulans

Undisputed king of the media and portrayed in the classic iconography concerning the UFO's as humanoids of low stature, slender, without any type of down, of grey skin, with big bulbous heads, large almond-shaped eyes, small mouth, long arms and only four fingers, the Greys are certainly the most commonly known type of alien.

In the classification of the alien races elaborated in the 80's by the ufologist Brad Steiger, they would belong to the so-called type Alpha (unlike the Nordic Aliens who would belong to the type Beta): in addition to being repositories of advanced medical, scientific and technological knowledge, they seem to be very intelligent and carry out studies on human beings, not by chance they are considered responsible for the famous "abductions".

In 1918 the occultist Aleister Crowley made a drawing of an alien intelligence (which he called LAM) with which he would come into contact during a magic summoning ritual at the opening of doors on other worlds: the face in the design had a striking resemblance to the present and popular concept of the Grey Alien but, more commonly, the Greys are associated with Roswell’s incident in June 1947, when an alien spacecraft crashed on Earth and all but one of its occupants died. According to the ufologists, the survivor was called E.B.E (Extraterrestrial Biological Entity) and was able to communicate with the United States Government by explaining the functioning of the objects found inside the spacecraft and the coordinates to locate its home planet with which it seems a contact was made so supporters of the ufological conspiracies believe that, following Roswell’s accident, an agreement was made between aliens and the USA: in exchange for alien technology the government would allow to kidnap human guinea pigs for experiments.

The Gey Aliens-Supposed_channeled_entity_by_occultist_crowley

Among them the most fampous is the case of the spouses Hill of New Hampshire (United States), who, in 1961, would have described close encounters with aliens; in particular Mrs. Betty, under regressive hypnosis, came to draw a star map indicating his captors' planet of origin: according to the ufologist Marjorie Fish this would correspond with Zeta Reticuli. They are not alone: in his books "Abduction" and "Passport to the cosmos", John Mack, professor of the Medical School of Harvard, describes the experiences of many of his patients, who have been abducted by Grey aliens.

Over the years numerous theories about these aliens have flourished: some supporters of the Hollow Earth believe that the Grays owe their appearance to adaptation to living conditions in low light conditions as they would live in a continent dislocated beneath the Earth’s surface but there are also those who are convinced that the Greys are people from the future (the so-called time travelers), evolved over the years and returned back with their time machines (UFOs).

It should not be forgotten, however, that among the conspiracy theorists there is also a further hypothesis: it is assumed that the Greys are a product of the government in order to implement an experimental process of mental control over the population.

“Space, the place and the concept, is both empty and full. It is nothingness, and it is everything. It is soundless without silence. It is aloneness, but its visitors may not be alone. Space may bring answers that ask greater questions, an awareness of unforeseen connections, and new definitions of life.”
-William David Hannah, Personal Space: Return to the Garden

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