Gravity doesn't exist

The force of gravity

The force of gravity is a key concept of physics, starting from the time of Newton. Although gravity is approached in a different way in modern physics than in classical Newtonian physics, gravitational interaction is normally accepted as a fact in contemporary society, not only by physicists but also by ordinary people, who have at least learned the rudiments of physics at school.

New interpretations of the gravitational interaction

In the wake of new and different explanations - or interpretations - of this fundamental force, extreme theories have arisen that even question its very existence.

Consider, for example, the theory of general relativity, developed by Albert Einstein in the early 1900s: according to this theory, gravity does not concern the actual interaction between two bodies (an idea rooted in the collective imagination), but is the effect of a physical law that binds mass and energy to the curvature of space-time. This may mean little to the layman, as the effect is the same in everyday life, however some conspiracy theorists believe that the truth is simply that the so-called force of gravity does not exist and that the force that we perceive (as in the classic example of the apple falling on Newton's head) it is actually the effect of other forces, such as magnetism.

Gravity doesn't exist. Newton, apples

Who thinks gravity doesn't exist?

This theory is gaining ground especially among those who think that a powerful world elite has an interest in keeping the people in ignorance, evidently in order to control them.

Some conspiracy theorists, often close to the flat earth movement, in fact believe that even the notions that we all normally believe to be established may actually turn out to be false, part of that "great deception" that they believe is used by the so-called "global elite". Examples of this kind can be found in their opinion in all scientific fields, from geography to history up to physics. Think, for example, of the theories relating to continents not present on maps or to the theories of flat earth and hollow earth, as well as the evolution of Homo sapiens or even the concept of time: everything can be questioned and possibly refuted, consequently even the force of gravity is no longer a taboo for these people.

What evidence exists to support this conspiracy theory?

The question is ambivalent, as the explanations of those who do not believe in the force of gravity often center on the question "What evidence do we have that the force of gravity exists?".

The physical concept of gravitational interaction is therefore reduced to a simple theory, all to be demonstrated (and not demonstrable, in the opinion of some); these are just some of the doubts expressed and the reasons for skepticism:

  • gravity is not perceptible or measurable in an empirical way;
  • there are bodies (birds, aerostatic balloons, airplanes) that manage to keep themselves raised from the earth;
  • the gravitational attraction between two bodies of different sizes has never been demonstrated, except in the theories that describe the orbits of the planets;

Regarding the alternative explanation for the effects (visible to all) of this force, the conspiracy theorists do not give a univocal answer, however a recurring argument is that of electromagnetism: therefore an alternative explanation of the phenomena is not provided, however it is recognized that they are due to an unspecified electromagnetic force.

Proof that gravity does not exist

On the net there are some videos brought as a demonstration of the non-existence of gravity, at least in the terms in which it has always been described to us. The most common is perhaps the one performed by analyzing the behavior of a spring, dropped from a height of a few meters and filmed with a slow motion video camera. What is highlighted in these experiments is essentially that the lower part of the spring for most of the time (up to full compression) does not actually "fall", thus going against common belief. It goes without saying that physics teaches us that this behavior is due to the presence of several forces at play, which by counterbalancing each other cause the lower part of the spring to remain "firm", however this explanation is not accepted by the supporters of the theory in question.

Gravity doesn't exist. Spring experiment

Diffusion of the theory

The theory according to which the force of gravity does not exist has been presented at some conferences related to the flat earth theory; along with many other arguments (from the denial of the Earth's curvature to the refutation of the existence of the moon) the denial of gravity is only one facet of a wider distrust of mainstream science.

“Gravity explains the motions of the planets, but it cannot explain who sets the planets in motion.”
-Isaac Newton

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Who thinks gravity doesn't exist?

Some conspiracy theorists, often close to the flat earth movement. In their opinion even the notions that we all normally believe to be established may actually turn out to be false.

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