The giant trees theory

Titans, Giants and colossal trees

As some sacred texts, including the Bible, recite, in an ancient past our planet would have been inhabited by Giants and Gods and due to a transitive property even the trees were of colossal size ... the perfect structure of certain rock formations, too perfect to be obtained by the simple erosion of water and wind, it gave rise to a peculiar theory according to which these trees were cut down almost all and following an alleged nuclear war (identifiable perhaps with the known war between the Titans or the Sinking of Atlantis) they petrified giving life to the mountains we know today, also assuming the conformation of sharp rock reliefs, after having broken.

According to these conclusions, rock formations such as the Grand Canyon would be nothing more than the remains of quarries used by the Giants of the past to extract mineral resources and cut trees.
This opens the way to two questions that are likely to remain unanswered: if the mountains were really the remains of the cut and broken trees of a distant past inhabited by Gods Titans and Giants, where are their roots and where are the remains of the tools used at the time to cut down these immense trees now?


the theory of the Russian miner

This theory was born from the singular experience of a Russian miner who while digging the rock, found a stone never seen before so, taking it in his hand in order to examine it fell into a sort of deep trance in which he had strange visions regarding the appearance of our planet before the "great catastrophe" which occurred around 7,000 years ago: the world would have been completely covered with dense vegetation that teemed with life, with huge trees reaching up to 100 kilometers in height and having a diameter of many hundreds of meters, giant mushrooms and a huge variety of animal species.
It is not clear what exactly the event that led to the devastation of such a lush environment is, hypotheses range from the Deluge of the Bible to one of the various Ice Ages, including the numerous impacts of meteorites, droughts, famines and powerful solar eruptions which, over time, they have succeeded.
The miner realized that the mountains were nothing more than "stumps" of mammoth trees and plants, incredibly cut by huge saws and machinery too advanced for the human mind, thus justifying the phenomenon of the flat tops of many mountains and the numerous scattered plateaus, here and there, all over the world.
The other mountains that instead presented themselves with jagged and very irregular tops would have been "stumps" of trees broken or uprooted by tremendous explosions.
According to his words, the whole world would have been plundered of all or almost all natural resources and that the alleged giants with their equipment would have mined, ground, chewed and then discarded to take possession of minerals and raw materials: one of the examples of this invasive action would be the presence of vast desert areas, which would therefore be artificial works.
The miner would also have explained the difference between rocks and mountains: the rocks derive from hard pieces of irregular marble, from fiber fragments that protrude towards the sky but, the mountains, are just piles of abandoned waste pulled down by gigantic machinery and that often have the shape of perfect cones, sometimes these heaps have chemical waste inside them that react to each other and, sometimes, burn and explode (volcanoes).
Since most of these mountains/stumps of cut trees are mainly made up of silica, it was hypothesized that in ancient times living forms were composed precisely of organic silica rather than carbon but this element is not stable at the atomic level and does not bond as carbon is, unthinkable that it could constitute real forms of life.
For this reason, a new possibility has emerged: if the giant trees and the thick vegetation, made up of carbon had really existed and due to the extraordinary catastrophe, had been submerged and become fossils?


For the fossil of a plant or an animal to be formed, it must be isolated from the external environment before the decomposition process, covered by soil, sand, mud, etc.
This sediment cover protects the organic matter from the external effects of the air and from bacteria, thus gradually protecting the bones, scales, cartilage, etc. they begin to undergo chemical degradation.
The waters below or the rain that has penetrated the rock begins, slowly, to infiltrate the decaying tissues and the minerals transported by these waters replace the elements of the tissues themselves: these minerals which are the building blocks of rocks such as calcite, pyrite, silica, iron, which are much more resistant to erosion over time, produce an exact stone copy of the original structure in the process called "permineralization" . In order for this extraordinary event of the past to have covered entire giant "stumps" of trees with mud and sediments, covering them up to 8000 meters high, a portentous storm would have had to generate and such support, one could hypothesize a sudden melting of the glaciers at the poles with related floods: how much would sea level rise if all glaciers melted?
According to what National Geographic has recently simulated and calculated, this phenomenon an atmospheric upheaval of planetary dimensions could have destroyed these trees and even made them covered by several dozen insulating layers of rock, an event attributable to the Deluge present in the writings of many ancient cultures, from the biblical tale of Noah's Ark, the Puranic Hindu story of Manu, through the story of Deucalion in Greek mythology or Utnapishtim in the Gilgamesh epic of Babylonian mythology.

Reality or fantasy?

To refute this theory, however, there is a fact: How tall can trees grow and could they really reach the size described? According to a group of Californian researchers, trees cannot exceed 130 meters in height: the theory of giant trees, therefore, would seem only a fairy tale.

Taking into consideration the forests currently present on our planet both in Africa (thousand-year-old Baobabs) and in the Americas (thousand-year-old forests of Latin America and the Giant Sequoias of North America) and in Asia (tropical trees of Malaysian Borneo, Khao Sok in Thaylandia. ..) there are specimens reaching up to 120 meters in height, while in the European forests we find only relatively young trees and of small size .. yet the Latin writer and naturalist Plinius the Elder, who lived between 23 A. C. and 79 A. C., speaks of oaks located on the sea coast so large that they can remain straight in balance floating on the sea...But where have these woods gone? Who swept them away?
According to the writer Michele Giovagnoli in his book "Mass is over", the only responsible would be the Catholic Church, the Roman clergy who, to prevent pagans from celebrating their cults and their adoration of the gods and their divinities the wedding in contact with nature, sentenced to death all the secular trees present on its vast territory in the Namnetense Council.


However, it remains a fact that there are mountain peaks with right angles that appear to be neatly cut and as many jagged peaks and cliffs with footprints similar to those produced by heavy machinery:

  • the Watkins Mountain in Greenland.
  • Transantarctic Mountains in Antarctica.
  • Mount Kailash in Tibet, 6638 meters high.
  • Gran Canyon in Arizona.
  • Monument Valley, USA
  • Mount Plateau, Kazakhistan.
  • mountains of the Kola Peninsula.
  • the Devil's Tower

Are they really the result of the slow and continuous action of nature or is there the possibility that they are artificial works made by some advanced civilization of the past or, even, by an alien civilization?

"Trees do not preach learning and precepts. They preach, undeterred by particulars, the ancient law of life."

― Herman Hesse

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