Flat Earth: an overall view of the theory

The Flat Earth Theory in short

The Flat Earth theory (see also The Flat Earth Theory between past and present), whose followers globally refer to the Flat Earth Society, is very synthetically based on the idea that the spherical shape of our planet is a hoax orchestrated and kept up in a systematic and meticulous way by a series of "strong powers”, the Illuminati, who, driven by Luciferian purposes, lead us to believe that our existence is casual, insignificant in the universe, when in reality we are controlled and deceived.

According to Flatersearthers the shape of the Earth is unequivocally circular and flat, a sort of disk suspended in a universe different from how we can imagine it and fundamentally unknown. At the center of this disc is the North Pole while Antarctica constitutes its outer circumference, the insurmountable limit made of ice that protects us from anything beyond it. It is not known what is beyond this border but one of the most credited hypotheses is that there are further emerged lands, kept secret for reasons that could have to do with alien presence, military bases or huge unknown resources.

The circumnavigation of the Earth is performed by moving in a large circle around the North Pole. Above all this there is a dome which, in addition to keeping us anchored to the ground, has the function of a planetarium also: the firmament, the stars and all the movements of the celestial bodies are projected on it. Any evidence that can demonstrate the sphericity of our planet would be wrong or even a mystification.

Flat Earth: the ice wall

Like all fringe movements, there are disagreements on some points and, therefore, there are several flat Earth models to choose from. Some of them propose that the edges of the Earth are surrounded by an ice wall that holds the oceans, others suggest that our planet and its atmosphere are enclosed in a huge hemispherical globe of snow from which nothing can fall from the edges.

To take into account the alternation of night and day, the Sun is thought to move in a circle around the North Pole acting as a sort of reflector: when it is above our head, it is daytime, when it's not, it's night. Seasonal cycles are explained in a similar way: when the sun is farther from the North Pole, it is winter in the northern hemiplane (or hemisphere) and summer in the south.

The most recent "US Model", for example, suggests that the Sun and Moon have a diameter of 50 km and surround the disc-shaped Earth at a height of 5500 km, with the stars above it on a rotating dome. In line with the "UK model", many Flath Earther also deny gravity: it would be the terrestrial disk itself which accelerating to 9.8 m / s2 would give the illusion of gravity. According to other currents of thought, the Earth would be on an infinite plane, with the sun moving upward. Gravity works as in a round Earth model and the Earth will never turn into a sphere because the plane is infinite.

Flat Earth Society 2018
With members all around the globe
C de Crespo
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Illuminati confirmed
No se enteran que la tierra
Bola ya no está de moda ahora es plana
Como tu encefalograma
No tenés ni idea
Yo sé que la NASA te miente
Me hacen parecer un demente
Para que la gente no abra su mente
Y no se despierte, entiendes?"

-Jaime Altozano, "Trap Del Terraplanismo"

Evidence given by the Flat Earth Society

The evidence supporting the flat Earth, according to the supporters of the theory, would be traceable both in science and philosophy but it is sufficient to rely on your senses, through an empirical approach, to discern the true nature of the world around us: in our eyes the world, the motion of the sun, the bottom of the clouds are flat. A further demonstration, in addition to what is written in Samuel Rowbotham's "Earth Not a Globe", would be the Bedford Level Experiment, a test performed several times on a six-mile stretch of water which revealed without a doubt that the surface of the water was flat and not in accordance with the curvature of the Earth taught by Round Earth proponents.

Flat Earth: photographic evidences

About why astronauts during their travels did not notice the "flatness" of the earth the Flat Earth society provides an explanation linked to an alleged conspiracy in which all the space agencies of the world would be involved and which would simulate travel and space explorations. All this would have started during the Cold War "Space Race", in which the Soviet Union and the United States were so obsessed with leading the competition for space that each one distorted their own successes in an attempt to keep up with the hypothetical achievements of the other.

Flat Earth: is Earth a disk in the space?

Similarly, the images and videos that present the Earth as a geoid would not be considered "credible" as they are not very precise: the barrel distortion and other oddities of modern cameras would in fact cause distortion of the image in ways that may not be evident, especially without references within the image. Photographs are also prone to the same problem if taken through the folded glass of a pressurized cabin and could be easily sophisticated.

“The church says the earth is flat; but I have seen its shadow on the moon, and I have more confidence even in a shadow than in the church.”
― Ferdinand Magellan

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