Feline Extraterrestrials & Cat People

Felinoids, Homo Felidis, Homo Felinis, Homo Felis

Felines Extraterrestrials or Felinoids (Homo Felidis, Homo Felinis, Homo Felis) would be, together with the Carians, one of the two primary races of our universe and form with the Canids, the Humans and the Shapeshifter Aliens the dreaded "Superior Hierarchy".
They would come to us at the invitation of the 12 Founders of the Universe.
It seems that, before time, as we know it, began, 12 highly evolved souls known as "the Founders" decided to create a universe in which to put into practice their evolutionary game called "Universal Game" or "Integration of Polarities": a theory that would describe the purpose of our universe (which is just one of several existing in the multiverse) and consists of the integration of two opposites, Light and Darkness.
Each soul would take part in this "design" to realize its own spiritual evolution and reunite with the Divine Creator, incarnating in different planetary schools which, through various degrees of free will, provide different levels of possibilities. The Earth is counted among the so-called "Great Experiments", planets endowed with total free will, and, as such, would make capable souls that incarnate to experience the full extension of their creations and choices.

The call of "the Founders" would therefore have answered also a delegation of 45 volunteers felines, a bipedal race of individuals tall from 3,60 meters up to almost 5 meters with the skin covered by a soft down and characterized by a sort of "mane" as both males and females have long hair.
The color of their eyes varies from blue to gold or from dark golden to white and can change with the advancing age.
Their temperament is cordial, sanguine and intellectual and they have a curious and inquiring spirit.
Getting older, they assume a darker, introspective and gentle nature so the elders are revered for wisdom, compassion and insight.

They are extremely close to each other and extremely loyal.
According to the descriptions they all carry a suit (blue, often silver) tight and boots, black for males and white for females. They have various symbols on the chest, among which the most common is formed by a pair of wings, similar to the Egyptian solar disk: not surprisingly the lioness goddess Sekhmet in ancient Egypt, was the daughter of the sun god Ra.
They possess great telepathic abilities, telekinetic powers, impressive physical strength and a complex philosophy of life, combined with a spiritually elevated vision of the cosmos. There is a gender equality between males and females for the regular management of power, with consequent change in the guidelines in patriarchal and matriarchal states; the whole society is structured according to a strongly military scheme.

Felinoid King Lion

As participants in the "Universal Game", the Founders gave felines a new planet in the constellation of Lyra, to inhabit: we can refer to this planet as Avyon even though its feline name cannot be translated into any Earth language.
Avyon with its mountains, lakes, rivers and oceans is very similar to our Earth in shape and variety of vegetation and life forms. When the felines arrived there, they were in the etheric form of Light, and therefore, they had to go through the stages of de-evolution to develop a physical body through which they could settle permanently there.

After many millions of years the lion and other felines evolved from them in whose forms they incarnated but only after countless cycles of incarnations, Felinoids changed into a generation of subjects who walked in an upright position and had maintained the consciousness of their etheric counterparts. Thanks to their evolved DNA, the felines were able to take on a more human shape while still maintaining facial features and other characteristics of the feline.
It was from this cross between races, when a certain point was reached that the genetic line known as the Royal Line of Avyon, or House of Avyon, began.

Felinoids. Bastet.

During a subsequent phase of evolution, the felines who are great geneticists, brought their attention to that mammalian DNA and began a program of breeding and genetic improvement, creating humanoid-like mammalian breeds such as the Pleiadians, including a Pleiadian type known as Anunnaki, who respectively created the Syrians and the colored Homo Sapiens Sapiens, then all these types merged into the mixed terrestrial colony, that is, Homo Sapiens Sapiens. There were two lines, that of the more active and energetic mulatto red beings and that of the white beings, of a kinder and more introspective nature.
Both of these races took up residence in the planets around the Vega star in the Lyra constellation.

After many thousands of years of continuous and accurate breeding crossbreeds, Feline / Human hybrids became more common than pure Felines in the Royal House of Avyon.
When the majority of the real descendants were of hybrid origin, these Felines who had become Lyrians in all respects, began the creation of increasingly human and less feline life forms.

Over time the pure Felines would become the ancient ancestors of Humans, to whom only genetic traits would remain as a reminder of the connection with their creators.

They continued to evolve and eventually developed space travel technology (Warp technology) and many of them became geneticist biologists and began to help develop life forms of various kinds for the planets and stars of the universe. Some of them became great space explorers and scientists.

At present, Devin (Feline) would be the reigning patriarch of the Avyon Royal House of Ninth Dimension and Anu (Human) is the reigning patriarch of the Fifth Dimensional Royal House of Avyon.

Supporters of the existence of the feline aliens also believe that the clash between Light and Darkness provided by the Universal Game is a comparison between the higher hierarchy (Mammals) and the reptilian empire (not mammals).

“A cat has absolute emotional honesty: human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat does not.”

—Ernest Hemingway

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