Does history hide the past existence of giants?

What motivations would lead academic sources to cover up the existence of the Giants?

According to conspiracy theorists, a mystifying channel would have been created so that the hypothesis of the existence of giants in our culture was considered a myth and not a real event.
Traditional archeology, in fact, refers to mandatory principles based on the Darwinian Theory of Evolution, therefore everything that is incompatible with this idea becomes academically uncomfortable and unacceptable, so much so that the Out of place artifacts themselves (finds of objects unclassified) are often kept hidden or even destroyed, tampered with and labeled as hoaxes.
For no reason should the knowledge of years of traditional studies be questioned.

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James Vieira, an independent researcher, has collected thousands of journalistic references on the findings of the giants, discovering that much of these discoveries are practically hidden from the general public.
Among his discoveries, there is a photo found in the archives of the Smithsonian Ethnology Reports, taken during a lecture by prof. McGee, in which we see a giant skeleton about two meters and eighty in height, then sold to the Smithsonian Institute for the sum of $ 500.
The skeleton belongs to the so-called culture of the Mounds Builders, an ancient population of North America who lived about 5,000 years ago, in a period prior to the history of Ancient Egypt and all its dynasties.
According to conspiracy theorists, the Smithsonian Institution bought the skeleton with the desire to keep it from the knowledge of public opinion in a colossal cover-up operation designed to guarantee the preservation of the theory of evolution and years of traditional history.

Writings about giants

The existence of the giants, however, has been documented by written texts as well as by archaeological finds.

  • The Old Testament dwells countless times to describe giants as a well-defined group or ethnicity: in addition to the well-known Nephilim, in ancient times the same names of some peoples, such as the Amorites, the Emim, the Refaim, the Anakim and the Zamzummim, could be directly associated with the characteristic of tall stature.
    In the Holy Scriptures, in addition to organized groups, individual characters of colossal dimensions are also mentioned, such as the ruling Og present in Deuteronomy whose bed, according to the description, meant that it was more than 3 meters high and whose fury was so relentless as to carry it to uproot a mountain. Even more famous is the biblical figure of Goliath, 2.75 m tall and capable of wearing a 65 kg plate armor. From the information obtained from the Old Testament, it seems that after the Deluge these giants have shrunk both in number and in height.

  • The existence of the giants is also documented by authors such as Pliny, Plutarch and Herodotus who describe thugs ranging from 2 to 3 meters.

  • In Greek mythology, the γίγαντες were immortal beings like the deities, and as Hesiod recalls they were the sons of Uranus (Heaven) and Gaea (Earth).
    These creatures started a war with the gods of Olympus, the Gigantomachy that had term thanks to the intervention of Hercules.
    According to the Greeks, some giants had since been buried in the depths of the earth; earthquakes were interpreted as jolts of these buried creatures.
    Among the other gigantic creatures of Greek mythology are the cyclopes, the ecatonchiri and the titans.

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  • In Norse mythology, giants are among the predominant figures and have existed since before the world, which originated from the body of a giant, Ymir.
    They represent the ancestral chaos that continually threatens the rational and orderly world of the gods (with whom however they are related in complex ways).

  • Even in the history that has come down to us from Central and South America it is possible to find references to extraordinarily tall men.

    1. Hernan Cortes, during his conquest of Mexico, came into possession of gigantic bones, which according to the natives belonged to a now extinct race of giants. It was the Conquistador himself who sent the King of Spain a "high femur when a human being".
    2. Many legends about ancient giants inhabiting the shores of Lake Titicaca and then moving south, in Patagonia, could be confirmed by the sightings (if true) of explorers including Magellan, Drake, Hernandez ...
    3. Fernando de Alba Ixtilxochitl, said that the remains of the giant inhabitants of Mexico could be found everywhere.
    4. The Mexican manuscript of Pedro de los Rios tells as follows: "..before the flood, which occurred 4008 years after the creation of the world, the Land of Anahuac was inhabited by the giants Tzocuillexo ..., while in the Mayan tradition, we speak of the Quinatezmin."
  • Between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries the canon and scholar Giovan Battista Modena was the author of the studies on the so-called Giants of Saletta, following his discovery of an oversized tooth in the Church of San Cristoforo in Vercelli

Animal and human gigantism

Making a parallel with animal gigantism, contemplated by traditional science, why could our planet not have also been inhabited by a race of humans of exceptional size?

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Larger creatures are often immune from predator attacks or, more easily reach what for reasons of height is difficult to access to other animals.
Nor should energy saving be forgotten: the metabolic cost of locomotion decreases as the size of the animal increases, not to mention that the body mass has a high insulating value, making large creatures more resistant to extreme temperatures.
The large size, however, also brings disadvantages: it has been noted that large animals live in fewer herds and are unable to hide like the smaller ones.
All these features could also be applied to a large humanoid.

Summing up

It is not possible to discern if the idea of giants is linked to the mythization of great personalities and formidable warriors of the past, who were represented with immeasurable proportions in order to make them even more magnificent, or we are faced with the memories of real events, which occurred in forgotten times.
In a large number of written and oral accounts about gigantic beings present in the various popular traditions, however, it feeds the doubt: even for mere statistical questions it is plausible that some of these are real and if we think of colossal architectural works such as the pyramids, the megaliths of Baalbek, Gornaya Shoria, Puma Punku, built with materials from mining quarries hundreds of kilometers away, the idea that in remote times hominids of exceptional stature roamed the earth does not seem so fanciful

"O, it is excellent to have a giant's strength; but it is tyrannous to use it like a giant."

-William Shakespeare

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