Corey Goode, the designated intermediary of the Blue avians

Who's Corey Goode

Identified as an intuitive-empathic (IE) - a person that has natural inclinations towards heightened emotional sensitivity and Empathy - with precognitive abilities, he' s one of the most important insiders in the circle of informants in UFO and extraterrestrial.

According to his biography, like other gifted children, he was recruited through one of the MILAB programs (a series of occult training projects implemented by the US military forces) at the age of 6 and gradually indoctrinated and trained to be "used" in some military operations.

Goode served in the MILAB program from 1976 to 1987 and, towards the end of his tenure, he was assigned as an intuitive-empathic support for communications between terrestrial and non-terrestrial, within one of the alleged Secret Space Programs (SSP) unknown to most part of us and born around the 1930s for the purpose of exporting our industrial and military system to our solar system and beyond.

Thanks to these he was able to interface with humanoid extraterrestrial entities and travel in deep space aboard those military vehicles that were trying to steal alien secrets trying to intercept them before they reached earth.

Before exposing himself as an informerr, Goode worked for 20 years in the communications industry, gaining particular experience in hardware and software virtualization, electronic surveillance, risk assessment, executive protection, and, from 2007 to 2012, served in the Texas Army State Guard and C4I (command, control, communications, computers and intelligence).

Corey Goode and the  blue avians

Corey Goode and the Blue Avians

In recent years Goode has decided to reveal all the information in his possession: what makes him unique is his particular relationship with the Blue Avians, a group of interstellars who are part of the so-called Sphere Being Alliance, from which he would be designated as a delegate and intermediary between the various Confederations and Extraterrestrial Councils.

The Species of Blue Avians exist beyond the confines of space and time and would have visited the Earth for millennia, stimulating the spiritual growth of human beings and helping them to develop a form of collective consciousness that worked for the common good.
They are described by Goode as bearers of a message of peace and hope for humanity which, by urging them to improve and resolve conflicts, would allow them to achieve ascension to a higher level of awareness. As their consciousness grows, humanity can evolve and interconnect with planetary consciousness, and this is pushing men to rehabilitate and embrace the higher principles of service to others.
From Goode's words, therefore, a distinction emerges from alien races: there would be benevolent and malevolent species.

The contacts with the avians began in 2011 through dreams but it is only in late 2014 that Corey had his first encounter with an 8-foot-tall Blue Avian (Ra-Teir-Air) who appeared in his living room and telepathically showed Corey its unity with the entire universe as a fractalized manifestation of the infinite creator.

Corey Goode and the  blue avians - Ascension

David Wilcock, arguably the most famous UFO and Ancient Mysteries researcher at the time and author of two international best-sellers, The Source Field Investigations and The Key to Synchronicity, also validated Corey Goode's testimony.

Goode now continues his work as an intuitive-empathic and is in direct contact with the Blue Avians who have chosen him as a means not only to interface with multiple Federations and ET Councils in their stead but also to relate to the Alliance Council of Secret Space Programs and to bring important messages to humanity.
Though Corey’s direct physical contact with the Blue Avians ended in 2017, he continues to receive guidance from 4th density beings known as the Anshar, who have communicated a great deal of information to him about Earth’s ongoing transition to 4th density.

" Every day focus on becoming more 'Service To Others' oriented. Focus on being more 'Loving' and 'Focus on raising your Vibrational and Consciousness Level' and to learn to 'Forgive Yourself and Others' (Thus 'Releasing Karma').
This will change the Vibration of the Planet, The 'Shared Consciousness of Humanity' and 'Change Humanity One Person at a time' (Even if that 'One Person' is yourself.)"

-Corey Goode

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