The classification of the alien races: what if we are not alone in the universe?

Are we alone in the universe? Many believe that man, as an inhabitant of a planet that revolves around the Sun which is only one of the billions of stars that make up this galaxy, is, in turn, part of a myriad of alien species ... a piece of our great Universe which, apparently, would not be the only one, but one of many, and part of a "structure" that would include infinite worlds.
To this are added all the testimonies of those who would have had the good fortune to come into contact with these other forms of life: the classification of alien races was elaborated starting from the stories of the so-called "abductees", people who say kidnapped by extraterrestrials and by the "contactees", subjects who claim to have come into "consensual" contact with alien intelligences, bearers of a message for humanity.

Alien Races-Man and alien

The alien races between abductions and contactism

Many people around the world would have expressed the belief that they were abducted by alien beings, and carried aboard spacecraft or in places difficult to access, such as underground military bases, where they claim to have undergone medical examinations.
Others claim to be in contact with non-terrestrial realities through a particular telepathic connection with beings from other worlds, which would give them direct information on the laws that govern the universe and on life in star systems other than ours. Often in these transmissions the interaction of star civilizations with the evolution of the planet Earth is dealt with. In these transmissions, great importance is also given to the spiritual dimension of existence, seen as the only possible safeguard for the self-destruction that human beings are perpetuating on Earth.
From this perspective, the contact experiences made by the team of Atemporal Travelers of IJP Appel Guéry are inserted, which in the span of forty years of research have produced hundreds of testimonies and a path of rapprochement of the human being to his lost inner divinity.
In addition to celestial sightings, there are also numerous cases of direct contact with non-terrestrial beings and there are variousUFO classifications in this regard:

IUFOB classification (International UFO Bureau - 1970)

  • Group A: they are the so-called Grey Aliens, humanoids about 90-140 cm tall, with a very large skull and a slender build.

Alein Races-Grey alien

  • Group B: are the humanoid / anthropomorphic aliens of which the Nordics, cited by contactees such as Eugenio Siragusa, George Adamski and Billy Meier, are a striking example.

*Group C: includes beings that do not fall into the previous categories: Reptilians, Insectoids and Cyclops which would also include cryptozoological creatures such as Bigfoots / Sasquatch, Yetis.

Jader Pereira's Classification (1970s)

Based on a study of 333 reports, he divides aliens into twelve categories.

  • Categories 1 to 6: those beings who do not have a sort of diving suit and are listed on a scale according to the greater or lesser similarity to the human being (1 = anthropomorphic, 6 = totally different from man).
  • Category 7: beings equipped with special breathing equipment
  • Categories 8 to 12: beings wearing a sort of diving suit.

Brad Steiger's classification (from the 1980s)

It divides aliens into 4 categories of humanoids:

  • Alpha Type: the Greys (or EBEs) considered the main responsible for the abductions, mostly have an average height of 120-140 cm, a reddish gray skin color, the skull is voluminous with a triangular shape with a slit-like mouth and just nostrils sketched. The eyes are long, lateralized and black, with a protective membrane covering them and have long thin limbs with 3 or 4 fingers (sometimes 6).
    As their race is on the verge of extinction, their intent is to ensure its survival through genetic engineering and hybridization with the human race. Distinguishing features: remarkable telepathic skills

  • Beta Type are the aliens seen by contactees and are sometimes denoted in some subcategories

    1. Beta 1: perfectly human, with typically Nordic features, they often wear silver suits, with large belts at the waist; the "Nordics" would be part of the so-called "White Coalition" or "Brotherhood of Light".
    2. Beta 2: humanoids with dark olive skin and a hostile attitude, they frighten witnesses of UFO sightings, threatening them verbally or telepathically, they are in possession of futuristic weapons. They would be part of the "Forces of the Dark", hostile aliens and parasites of the mankind.
    3. Beta F: spiritual creatures that appear to psychics or to those who claim to have witnessed "mystical" visions, could be interdimensional entities (Blue Avians and Felinoids)
  • Gamma Type: wild-looking creatures (Bigfoots / Yeti / Chupacabras) apparently biological but more likely automatons created by the aliens themselves to collect "samples" on Earth.

  • Delta Type: American researcher John Keel has reconnected these aliens to a paraphysical dimension as they would be monstrous beings including Mothmen, Reptilians and the "Swamp Monsters". According to some researchers, reptilians (or draconians) have been present on Earth since time immemorial and have influenced many mythologies (Nagas). Theirs is considered a warrior and conquering race from Alpha Draconis, very advanced from a technological point of view but not from a spiritual one.
    The reptilians seem to be closely connected with the occult government of the planet and with the psycho-emotional manipulation carried out on the energetic network of the Earth. They differ in Dinoids (a sort of warrior elite), Reptoids , Saurians , Amphibioids (they live in water and are less belligerent). Then there are also Insectoids, and in particular the "mantises" described by various abductees who would be incredibly interested in our strong emotional reactions, such as fear and terror.

Alien Races-Reptiloid

Corrado Malanga's classification

According to this researcher, five races / groups appeared most frequently

  • I ° group: it consists of mammiferomorphic beings, about 2.40 m tall, with light complexion and eyes (with vertical pupils), long white hair and six fingers in the hands and with light eyes. These beings are usually dressed in white, wear a round medallion with a triangular symbol and seem to originate from a part of the Universe characterized by space-time dimensions different from ours in which the existence of physical bodies would not be expected: the one that we it is shown appears to be a kind of envelope that would serve them in order to access our dimensional system and physically interact with us.

  • II ° group: includes mammiferomorphic beings that have light hair, orange-red color (and are often called Orange), are about 2 m tall, have a decidedly vertical pupil, elongated skull that tapers progressively on the sides starting from the forehead, skin tanned, five fingers in the hands and dressed in tight dark blue jumpsuits.The jumpsuit features a crest in the shape of two intertwined triangles, placed on the left breastplate. These aliens seem to come from the constellation of Taurus (they are also called Taurians), they are often defined as "beautiful" and among them there are both males and females.

  • III ° group: very ancient beings, very tall, dressed in tight dark clothes, which the abductees say they have never seen directly, but have perceived as if they were behind a screen. These beings would have round and almost white eyes and have an appendix under the chin characteristic only of males. They would also have two very pronounced scapular bones that vaguely resemble large wings folded behind the back. Someone reported the presence in the center of the forehead, of a very bright third eye. They would have three fingers plus an opposable finger, thin and arched like a bird's, and they would have telekinetic powers.

  • IV group: beings of sauroid nature distinguishable into two types:

  1. Tailed Sauroids: more aggressive, about 2.80 m tall, with five fingers in the hands and feet, plus a rostral nail on the forearm. Their green-brown skin is endowed with scales and the skin becomes progressively red in the ventral area and in the fingertips of the hands

  2. Tailless Sauroids, about 2 m tall, with translucent skin, ball eyes and long thin vertical teeth Their clothes would be similar to the uniform of the Nazi military of the last world war

The sauroids would also have slaves: small beings with very wrinkled skin and a heart-shaped skull

  • 5th group: Insectoid-type beings, similar to our greenish praying mantises, hands with two fingers plus a presumably opposable finger. According to Corrado Malanga, insectoids would extract our endorphins and feed on our mass mental energy.

Each of these races has at its disposal small beings, generically defined as "Grey" or "EBE", which can be considered "cyborg", obtained by cloning.

“Here lies one from a distant star, but the soil is not alien to him, for in death he belongs to the universe.”

-Clifford D. Simak, Way Station

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