The Chupacabras mystery

The Chupacabras is an alleged vampire-creature typical of all Caribbean countries and Florida: its first sightings are in 1975 in the island of Puerto Rico and describe to us a very strange being that wanders in proximity of farms feeding on animal blood. The population immediately baptized it “Vampiro de Moca”, from the place where he had appeared. Since 1975 several waves of reports have continued until 1994 and have taken place in Mexico, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Guatemala and also in Miami (Florida). For some ufologists would be a vampire-alien species also called ABE (Anomalous Biological Entity) since in Puerto Rico during 1995 animals of all kinds (goats, sheep, dogs, cats, ducks, chickens, rabbits...) were found killed by a creature who deprived them of blood through a very clear hole practiced on the body.

The press called the responsible for the massacre "Chupacabras"( Goats Sucker) and the investigations were conducted by groups of ufologists including Jorge Martín, researcher with twenty years experience and director of the specialized magazine highlights OVNI, and scholars Scott Corrales and Manuel Figueroa. Martín reported that the lesions on the animals presented as a hole of about one centimeter in diameter with clear edges, which penetrated deeply into the victim’s neck or lower jaw: in many cases the perforation went through the lower jaw up to the cerebellum, causing its instantaneous death. In all cases examined, around the hole there was no trace of clenched teeth on the victims' necks and in addition to the total absence of rigor mortis, in the few cases where blood had remained, this did not clot even for several days.

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On the basis of the evidence collected, Jorge Martín described the monster as a large, oval-headed being, pronounced jaw, pointed chin, protruding canines, small pointed ears, a down on the body of grey-greenish, elongated and reddish eyes and two small nostrils barely visible; it would also have two arms ending with sharp nails and two big legs that would allow him to run rather quickly and even jump from trees up to eight meters high.

There are also reports of countless sightings of unidentified pyramidal flying objects in the attack sites, and Martín claims that at least two creatures would have been captured: a young specimen would be handed over to soldiers who arrived from the US naval base of Roosevelt roads in Caiba and then boarded a plane bound for the USA. Martín and his collaborators also collected blood samples from a second specimen wounded by a policeman: these samples, sent to an American professional laboratory and examined by specialists in genetics, gave the following results: the blood would be similar to the human blood of group A and show characteristics different from those present in human blood and from those of known animals.

The simultaneous appearance of this creature in different parts of Latin America has raised several theories about its origin: Manuel Figueroa proposed a Multidimensional Origin, attributing to his ability to materialize in different and distant places the name of "psychic transhumance": the idea would draw inspiration from the research of Charles Hoy Fort according to which the apparitions of chupacabras belong to those phenomena, occurred several times in the course of history (in his opinion), of creeps of monstrous and bizarre creatures who have slaughtered men and animals (so-called "Forteana").

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The "terrestrial" hypothesis that the entity would be the result of an experiment in genetic manipulation that escaped the laboratories is also highly credited, however, it does not take into account the documented presence of chupacabras even in the XVIII and XIX centuries, when man did not possess the current knowledge of genetic engineering.

The Extraterrestrial thesis, which sees Martín as its biggest supporter, is considered by many to be the most likely: according to the ufologist , the chupacabras, which bears a certain resemblance to the Grey Aliens, would be of alien origin and to conceal this information, a complex system of counter-information, managed by the authorities of the individual countries in cooperation with the USA, was created.

Although the FBI has also opened a file on this mysterious phenomenon, there are no leaks that could shed light on the mystery of who or what chupacabras is.

I have never met a vampire personally, but I don't know what might happen tomorrow.
-Bela Lugosi

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