Cats are alien spies

Bad news for cats lovers: according to recent rumors our feline friends could be spies sent by aliens to monitor and document our every move and communicate it to the Mother Ship.

In fact, behaviors and physical characteristics of our four-legged friends may lead us to think about them as creatures from another planet, but according to supporters of this theory, there are other evidences of possible non-terrestrials origin.

Firstly it seems not to be any documentation prior to ancient Egypt concerning the presence of domestic cats, furthermore these enjoyed special privileges among the Egyptians: they were worshipped as gods, mourners, embalmed and buried in special cemeteries at the time of their departure, the killing of a cat was also punished by death...Some Deities (Bastet In primis) look like cats.

The mistery of "purrs" is still unresolved by Science: there is no specific organ in charge of their production and the theory of "neuronal oscillation" at the base of their generation can't be state with absolute certainty therefore the possibility remains open that purrs are a sort of acoustic feed-back transmitted by cat in space. A further test to the same argument is the similarity between the iconography of the classic alien we know and the cat when his ears are pulled back, or the extraterrestrial aspect of the hairless breeds like Sphynx and Kohana.


Finally here is the main evidence for all cat owners: at least once you will have seen your pet, deeply asleep, wake up suddenly and run out of your sight ... it is assumed that some communications have arrived from the mother ship and he must to be alone to receive them and report back.

The cat is such a perfect symbol of beauty and superiority that it seems scarcely possible for any true aesthete and civilised cynic to do other than worship it.
-H.P. Lovecraft, Cats and Dogs

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