Boriska Kipriyanovich: story of an alien born on Mars

Boriska Kipriyanovich (registered as Boris Kipriyanovich) was born on January 11, 1996, at 8.30 am in a provincial hospital in the city of Volzhk, although on his birth certificate the place indicated is Zhirnovsk, a province of Volgograd.

Today he is considered one of the most famous cases of indigo children and his parents are convinced that he has acquired knowledge through mysterious "channels" and surprising abilities of a more intellectual than spiritual nature.

The mother tells how Boriska was able to raise her head without any help already on her 15th day of life, started speaking at 4 months, read the titles in the newspapers at the age of one and a half, at the age of 2 he drew while at the age of 2 and a half he painted. He was able to recognize the chromatic range of colors very early, without any difficulty.
Precocious in kindergarten, with extraordinary memory and linguistic abilities: a little genius, a child prodigy who amazes teachers with his talent in writing but, above all, with the ability to discuss topics never learned at school or elsewhere.

Boriska Kipriyanovich-Indigos

The nickname "the boy from Mars" is not accidental: at the age of 2, Boriska Kipriyanovich, sitting in the yogic Lotus position, began to tell his family tales about space and anecdotes about Mars and other civilizations or planetary systems, with a surprising wealth of detail.
He confided to his mother that he too once lived on the red planet home of the Lemurian civilization: at that time, piloting a spaceship, he used to fly to Earth to do research.
According to him, the Lemurians would have died out because, at some point, they stopped their development on a spiritual level.
Boris claims that the red planet - although it has lost its atmosphere due to a nuclear catastrophe - is inhabited: the "Martians" would live in underground cities.

The boy told about himself, for the first time, to Gennady Belimov, a university professor and Soviet researcher who had gone to a summer camp in a remote area of the Volgograd province which was also attended by the young Boriska Kipriyanovich who, at the time, was seven years old.

Belimov published a book about it in 2004 in Russian, later translated into English and French, in which he talks extensively about the 7-year-old boy who exhibited unusual knowledge, incredible memory, articulate language... a child who suddenly had asked the attention of everyone present to start talking about life on Mars, its inhabitants and their travels on earth, revealing details about their megalithic cities, their spaceships and flights to various planets, on Lemuria, a wonderful country that he knew firsthand and where he had friends.
According to the witnesses of the story, his words did not seem to be the result of fantasy but they reappeared as memories of a distant past, previous incarnations, nothing a child could invent in that way.

Boriska Kipriyanovich-Alien from Mars

Boriska who calls himself "an alien born on Mars" having been a Martian "in a previous life" told of alien secrets kept in the Egyptian monument of the Sphinx and of having flown over ancient Egypt. He revealed that the key to knowledge is in the Sphinx and not inside the Great Pyramid of Cheops: it will have to be opened through a mechanism that is located in a precise point behind the ear where Boris, however, does not perfectly remember the location.

Indigo children and criticism

Boriska Kipriyanovich has been defined as an indigo child, a concept coming from the New Age culture, to indicate a generation of children endowed with traits and, above all, extraordinary abilities.

However, scholars do not consider indigo children special: they believe that they may suffer from mental disorders and that they need adequate treatment and link the phenomenon of indigo children to ADHD (a mental pathology) and drug treatment (especially Ritalin) of childish behavior.

Someone has also noticed that, in his stories, many characteristic elements of popular science fiction culture are found with particular reference to Lemuria and Atlantis, two legendary advanced civilizations, mysteriously disappeared. Since traditional science denies that evidence of the existence of super-technological peoples on our planet has ever been found, Boriska Kipriyanovich's story is considered the result of suggestion.

Furthermore, he predicted something that, then, did not happen: a first major catastrophe with one of the continents in 2009 and an even more devastating one in 2013 and in which the indigo children should have an important role in helping humanity. Supporters believe this event is only postponed but will certainly happen in the future.

Despite scientific criticism, Boriska Kipriyanovich's exceptional knowledge of planetary systems has confused experts around the world, including scientists.

2016 interviews

In 2016 he was interviewed by Anonymous but also by to which he provided further details:

The inhabitants of Mars are seven meters tall, they live in the depths of the red planet, they breathe carbon dioxide (if they reach Earth, they have to breathe carbon dioxide inside pipes). Their aging process stops at the age of 35, they are immortal, able to perform interstellar travel. According to the young man, they are closely linked to the ancient Egyptians, which is why the alien secrets are kept inside the Sphinx.

Boriska Kipriyanovich-The Sphynx

Having lived on Mars before being reborn on Earth, Boriska said that the red planet was devastated by nuclear war which destroyed the atmosphere and forced the inhabitants to change structurally: the survivors of this war built underground shelters and created new weapons.
Before the nuclear war, the Martians had developed encapsulated energy technology designed to cause explosions on Jupiter in order to turn it into a second Sun. This would have created a new source of energy for their people but the conflict irremediably changed their fate.

Nicolai Levashov, a great scientist and esoteric expert, argues that Boriska's words are confirmed in Vedic texts and other historical documents that report galactic wars fought on Mars for thousands of years.

The boy also showed a deep knowledge of space and its dimensions by explaining how the structure of interplanetary UFOs works which, in addition to being shaped like a drop and not a flying saucer, would be made up of:

  • an upper layer of solid metal which constitutes 25% of the entire structure
  • a second layer of rubber 30%
  • a third metal layer 30%
  • a last layer with 4% magnetic properties by providing energy to the magnetic layer, spacecraft would be able to fly across the Universe.

Some ships are powered by ions and others with different energy sources. The Martians would not be able to exploit oil or natural gas because the engines are too powerful and could risk stealing resources on Earth.

Currently, Boriska Kipriyanovich lives in the city of Zhirinovsk, Russia, with his mother, a dermatologist, and his father, a retired official. Having difficulty attending school as he challenges the teachers, the boy takes lessons from a private tutor.

When asked what he thinks of mankind his words are as follows:

I don't want to speak ill of people. Mankind still needs to evolve as a species, to be more united and to live in harmony with nature. Humanity can boast many positive people who are fighting to stop wars and develop 'good' technologies ".

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-David Bowie- "Life on Mars"

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