Blue Avians: angels or gods?

The Blue Avians could be the celestial Blueprint of human race

When we speak of Ancient Aliens, the term "Blue Avians" indicates an interdimensional species of highly intelligent peaceful beings who have for millennia had relationships with humanity to which they have brought a message of hope and peace: this extraterrestrial race, that exists beyond time and space, would seem to have always attended the Earth helping the spiritual development of its inhabitants and encouraging the creation of a consciousness aimed at the common good by taking responsibility for the preservation of the Human Genus and of the whole planet.

The avians have appeared countless times in our myths, just think of the Ancient Egypt in which Ra, the Sun God, was represented as a bird-headed being with the features,from time to time, of phoenix, blue eagle and heron , the god Horus hieracocephalus, Toth like a man-ibis, but not only: the Sumerian god Abgal, the messenger spirit of the Hopi Indians, Eagle Kachina, have also bird shape and in the Hindu cult, Garuda, is a divine creature with head and wings of an eagle.

Horus. Avian God. - Blue Avians

In Greek mythology, although with a negative connotation, we find the figure of the Harpy, while, according to the universally known iconography, some similarity could be recognized with the Angels in the Bible.

In the modern era, their descriptions should be attributed in large part to the claims of a sort of a messianic prophet known as Corey Goode, with whom the Blue avians have chosen to communicate with: the so-called Sphere Being Alliance (made up of avians as beings from 6a to 9a Density) is in physical contact with Goode, who has been chosen as his delegate to interface with various Councils and ETs , to act as a liaison with the Alliance Council of Secret Space Programs and to deliver important messages to humanity.

The most striking aspect of the Blue Avians is indeed their higher density and extradimensional abilities: they appear physically as blue feathered, bird-like creatures but this is only one aspect of their dimensional nature choosen to to look more "familiar" to humans.

Blue Avians

They travel across the universe utilizing some devices (not spacecrafts) such as the "Spheres" which have been dispatched to protect our planet: they can communicate with Telepathy and often the first contact with humans takes place through dreams but Goode also states that they use light physical touch as a form of communication to induce positive physical and emotional response and that have even adopted a form of sign language while according to David Wilcock, the avian belief system is similar to the Law of the One and therefore act as a single intelligent entity.

The Blue avians who, according to their spokesperson, have recently returned to our planetary system would exhort us with their message to free us from the influence of negative entities and ET.

Blue Avians. Starseeds.

Everything in time and space is connected. Everything is connected. We are all connected. We are one.
-Corey Goode

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