Babylonian Brotherhood (Reptilian theory)

The conspiracy theory involving "Reptilians" was built by David Icke in 1998. He stated that a lizard-like race (living on our Earth since thousands of years) have created human-lizard hybrids, about 7,000 years ago.

The believers of the "Babylonian Brotherhood" think that all members of the media, together with the banks and the religions are constantly working to build a global elite and rule the world.

Following this theory, the Reptilians hide behind the most influent secret societies (Freemasonry, Illuminati etc.) and politicians like George Bush, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama but also actors like Brad Pitt, Madonna and Tom Hanks descend from the Reptilians. The Queen Elizabeth II (and all members of the royal family) would be involved in the same conspiracy of lizard people.

Babylonian Brotherhood: human-lizard hybrids

Over the millennia, the Babylonian Brotherohood, presumed mother of all secret societies, would have designated charismatic religious and government leaders, fomenting wars and strategically disseminating information and counter-information, in order to have full control of the Earth.

The figure of the snake has caused some conspiracy theorists to trace a Satanist matrix in the brotherhood, including in its practices some macabre rites: feeding on human blood would be enough to access the DNA mutation power necessary to be members of this secret society .

In addition to David Vaughan Icke, the true guru of this conspiracy theory, among the authors who spoke of the Babylonian Brotherhood we can find: controversial German author Jan Van Helsing (pseudonym of Jan Udo Holey), who embraces well-known conspiracy theories such as world domination plots by Freemasons, Hitler's continuing survival in Antarctica following World War II, the structure of the earth as hollow, and ufologist DJ Xaviant Haze, who dedicated the volume Aliens in Ancient Egypt: The Brotherhood of the Serpent and the Secrets of the Nile Civilization to this brotherhood.

A group of reptilian humanoids, called the Babylonian Brotherhood, control humanity.
David Icke

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