Australia doesn’t exist

There are people who believe Australia does not exist

It may seem strange to most of us but there are some geographic conspiracy theories that go so far as to argue that Australia doesn't exist.

Other conspiracy theories relating to lost continents, legendary islands (like Atlantis, Lemuria or Mu) whose existence is often documented in sacred texts or through oral tradition, have long been known; however, in the case of the theory that questions the existence of Australia the situation is different, as this nation is currently present on the maps, has a population of about 25 million people, a government ... and above all many of us they personally know people who live there. So how is it possible for some to believe that it does not exist? Where does this theory come from?

How did the conspiracy theory that Australia doesn't exist come about?

Apparently this theory was born in 2017 from a post by a user on Reddit, just as happened with the theory that Finland does not exist either. It is not clear if the author wanted to make a joke or if the claims were true, in any case it is on the internet that this type of conspiracy theory arises and spreads rapidly, unexpectedly finding a number of supporters.

Australia does not exist: what does this theory support?

Why invent the existence of an entire nation? According to supporters of this theory, the UK government invented the existence of the Australian colony to eliminate thousands of prisoners, using the excuse of deportation to a distant country. Following this version of events, thousands of people would be involved in this farce, first of all the pilots of the planes and all the "alleged" friends that many of us have in this country. All these people would be actors, while those of us who are convinced that we went to Australia for work or for vacation would actually have been taken to some island in the Pacific Ocean or even to specially prepared areas of South America.

Who believes Australia doesn't exist?

The great diffusion of this theory is certainly attributable to onlookers who have heard of it and simply want to have a laugh, however there are people who firmly believe in the reliability of this story. Major advocates can be met online, in groups and forums dealing with the flat earth theory. In fact, the so-called flat-earthers have a deep-rooted mistrust of institutions, so it is not difficult for them to think that governments around the world are lying to us in such a blatant way, moreover it seems that some of their calculations aimed at demonstrating the non-existence of Earth's curvature precisely predict that that particular area of the "globe" does not exist in reality.

Australia doesn’t exist - Australia Banner Sign

This theory, together with the one concerning the nonexistence of Finland, the flat earth and the hollow earth theory are difficult to imagine for most people, because they go against what more or less everything they have learned since the early years of school; for many it is just jokes, in any case there is no shortage of true supporters of these ideas, who go as far as the refutation of the force of gravity or the very concept of time (the Time Cube theory is just one of many).

Much of the success of these theories is certainly due to the lack of trust in institutions, from politics to the academic world, which leads some to consider every hypothesis, even the most imaginative in appearance, with the hope of finding a small clue of truth.

Before I left China, I was educated that China was the richest, happiest country in the world. So when I arrived Australia, I thought, 'Oh my God, everything is different from what I was told.' Since then, I started to think differently.
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