Ari-An: one of the oldest star races

The reptilian race of the Ari-An

Ari-An in the "Terra Papers"

In the text "Terra Papers: Hidden History of Planet Earth" , the author Robert Morning Sky tells a totally original version of the story that we are used to considering "canonical": an incredible succession of events that embrace worlds and races of the whole universe , up to the point of talking about the human race.

In this broad view of the universe it is said that many of the races are humanoids, often descended from other animal life forms: insects, reptiles, birds, etc. One of the oldest described races are the Ari-An, a Star Race of reptilians , descendants of a common ancestor of the dinosaurs who have lived on Planet Earth millions of years ago.

The Ari-An, coming from the Orion system , would have created and consolidated over the millennia an empire of immense power, conquering entire planets thanks to unparalleled courage and ferocity, and subduing the conquered peoples through a real "reprogramming" aimed to the mind control . In this way the Ari-An would dominate unchallenged over numerous peoples, reduced in fact in a sort of psychological slavery that leads them to willingly accept the domination of the reptilians .

A matriarchal society

According to Morning Sky's writings, the social structure of Ari-An is what many would call a matriarchy . The people are in fact always led by a Queen and it is to the will of these queens that the will of the conquered races is bent.

The Ari-An against the Kanus of Sirius

The only real threat to the Ari-An dominance in the universe took place when another Star Race, coming from the Sirius system, enjoyed an unexpected evolutionary advance, thus coming to compete with the reptilians. The warrior people of Kanus , humanoid beings in the form of wolves, were able to seriously endanger the dominance of the Ari-An in the universe, making up for their cultural and evolutionary inferiority with an boundless ferocity and aggression : in fact, we read that these exceptional fighters even went so far as to devour their enemies on the battlefield.

These events then led the Queen of Ari-An to propose a marriage with the King of Kanus, thus reaching a mutually beneficial political solution. Following this union, a temporary peace was achieved, during which Ari-An and Kanus also fight together in subsequent wars.

Ari-An from Orion vs Kanus from Sirius

The interferences of the Ari-An in the history of mankind

Also according to the Terra Papers, the only source that speaks explicitly of the Ari-An , subsequent conflicts and geopolitical evolutions related to the birth of a new star system led the descendants of the union between Ari-An and Kanus to claim control of a planet called Eridu: Planet Earth .

As part of this operation, the rulers created by genetic engineering of the new inferior races, to be used as low laborers and servants. Among these new beings the Apa-Mus race stood out, ape-like beings evolved to the point of being able to understand verbal orders and communicate. Thanks to these faculties, the Apa-Mus soon began to thrive on Earth and to claim their own independence, creating the offspring of what is now the human race .

Ari-An remained on the planet until another race of workers on Earth, the underground reptilians "Sheti Lizards" , revolted and demanded power. Once the rulers were gone, the Sheti Lizards applied mind control techniques to proto-humans, replacing the memory of alien races with what we now consider myths and legends .

The origin in common with the dinosaurs

On the actual possibility of evolution of humanoid beings starting from dinosaurs it is interesting to refer to studies by Dale Russel relating to Dinosauroid , or Troodon sapiens.

Ari-An: did this star race have a common ancestor with reptiles?

The reptilians in conspiracy theories

As unique as they are, the scenarios proposed by the Terra Papers are reminiscent of other conspiracy theories relating to the Reptilians in many ways. Consider, for example, the story of the rebellion of the "terrestrial" reptilians from the yoke of the Ari-An : there are in fact theories that speak of reptilians living underground, just like the Sheti Lizards; references to a similar rebellion against alien masters can also be found in Zecharia Sitchin's theories on the Ancient Astronaut.

More generally, it is a common trait of many conspiracy theories that a powerful reptilian elite would control humanity . The origin of these theories is lost in history, however there are those who believe that there are concrete possibilities that it is not simply myth and legend, as evidenced by the large series of hypotheses such as that of the Global Conspiracy of David Icke

"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it."
-Joseph Goebbels

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