Area 51 in Asia: Kongka La Pass

The Kongka La Pass is a mountain pass in the Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir that separates the Indian territory from the Chinese one, historically known for having been theater of the famous Indo-Sino War of 1962 between the forces of India and China.

However, in recent years, the Kongka La Pass owes its reputation to the alleged presence of an UFO base: according to reports, numerous government officials working at borders and locals have sighted flying saucers visible to the naked eye but not reported by the radar and have repeatedly witnessed extraterrestrial activity.

In the Kongka Pass and in the surrounding area there have been many incidents that seem to indicate the existence of other life forms and prove their presence on earth; UFOs have been seen landing in and around the pass and photographed several times as they flew.
People, who have also seen strange lights turn on at midnight, say that it is not mere a landing site: according to rumours, the site has an underground UFO base.
Those who report to have seen UFOs landing, also say that they have seen UFOs emerging out of the soil: apparently, the Kongka La Pass would hide a series of massive subterrean constructions that UFOs, especially the "flying saucer drivers type", use as operating bases.

Why would aliens choose this area for their own purposes?
Because it is one of the least accessible places in the world, a border area disputed between India and China which is considered no man's land: despite both countries watch it, neither patrol nor occupies it.
In addition, Konga La is one of the very few regions in the world where the depth of the earth crust is almost double than the normal depth and is therefore the ideal place to build secret bases.
For some strange, unknown reasons, even though this land is enriched with granites and precious minerals, neither the Chinese nor the Indian government had ever tried to excavate the area.

People say that both governments are aware of what is happening and suspect that there is collaboration with extraterrestrials, in fact in June 2006 Google Earth created a detailed terrain model with 1:500 scale of the Kongka La Pass and the imagery revealed that in the surrounding area, around the alleged entrances of the base, there were buildings very similar to a military facility (this could remind of Area 51).

Many are the events that could make us think not only to the real alien presence but also to a possible governmental involvement.

Firstly, an ITBP unit posted at Thakung, had reported more than 100 UFO sightings in a period of over three months between August and October.
In the reports sent to Delhi headquarters and the PMO, the officials described the sightings as “Unidentified Luminous Objects” visible both in day as well as night. The luminous objects spherical in shape appear to arise from the horizon on the Chinese side and slowly traverse the sky for three to five hours before disappearing. Those flying objects does not seem to be Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), drones or even low earth-orbiting satellites.
None of the agencies including Defense Research Development Organization (DRDO), National Technical Research Organization (NTRO), Army and the ITBP have been able to identify these luminous flying objects.

In addition, during a research expedition through the Samudra Tapu Valley, a group of five geologists and glaciologists led by Dr Anil kulkarni of the ISRO Space Application Centre in Ahmedabad, filmed a three-foot-tall humanoid robot walking down the valley, just 50 yards away. The subject quickly rose and vanished into the sky.

kongka la pass-Unidentified flying objects

In a recent incident, a Chinese armed brigade equipped with T-80 tanks travelling to the border, unexpectedly found on its way an artificial lake, near Zhada. The lake had caused the flooding of the Langchui River and threatened to flood Indian territory, thus blocking the advance of the troops.
Both India and China did not want to investigate the fact. However, later, the Chinese media reported that the lake suddenly disappeared from the ground. as if the aliens had planned to melt a glacier to create a "temporary" obstacle that would prevent Chinese tanks from reaching the border.

These are just some of the strange events that have seen the protagonist Kongka La Pass.
Aliens, Yeti, Shangri-La... how many and what other mysteries is the Himalayas hiding?

I can assure you that flying saucers, given that they exist, are not constructed by any power on Earth.
-Harry S. Truman

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