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The Man Being Book Series

A New Hermetic Text

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The sacred knowledge of time travel, shape-shifting and the Worlds of Immortality have resurfaced. We are not suggesting that the Egyptian-Greek Hermetica has been dug up and revealed by archaeologists. The “new Hermetic Texts” are online and in bookstores, aptly named “Man Being”, a reference to the civilization for whom the book’s Authors are relaying knowledge. The material offers an alternative account of Mankind’s origins and an incisive discussion on the human psyche, the planet and the cosmos at large. The co-authors of the material are Dramos, a Seer and Bohemias, a writer. Together they have thus far, published nearly 1000 pages – spanning 3 Volumes. Dramos’ ability to communicate with Immortal Beings has led to a monumental discovery about the worlds that Man Being has been locked out of.

For centuries, Mankind has endeavoured to decode, understand and activate the ancient wisdom embedded in works like the Egyptian Book of the Dead, the Abrahamic Scriptures and oral traditions such as Greek mythology and the elusive Emerald Tablet. The Man Being book series is doing just that, predicated on one simple principle: “belief is a gateway”. Readers are instructed that belief unlocks the doors to Higher Consciousness reality. In “Man Being Volume 1: The Transmission”, the book explains:

“Gateway and belief are one and the same. The gateway to ascension through the belief in ascension is one and the same. ‘Belief’ and ‘gateway’ are synonymous. When things collapse and no longer hold value for you individually, you begin ascension.” (Pg.141 Volume 1)

The Man Being Book Series

In other words, belief can move energy. This is of course known as the “Law of Attraction” or “Law of Manifestation”, except that Dramos and Bohemias take the concept further, offering a wider and more conclusive understanding of not only what the Law of Attraction is, but why – in fact – it is a Law. The Volumes build on each other in a unique way, loosely adhering to the chronology of our documented history. What Dramos and Bohemias leave in the wake of each Volume is a revised history, one in which Sumer was Lemuria, the Israelites were Sirius Beings and Jesus and Michelangelo were Time Travelers. But there is also an underlying progression of concepts and the rate at which they are transmitted to the readership. Readers are guided through this revisionist history through careful dissection of specific cultural beliefs. In “Man Being Volume 2: Go to the Light” for example, the Medusa figure is equated with our origin:

[On turning to stone from the Medusa’s stare]

“This is a reminder that you are all accepting your physical form as the penultimate form. You are accepting yourselves as stone rather than light. This allegory is describing how you stopped believing that you are light bearers and light bringers and light generators.” Continuing, “You have created a myth around the slaying of a seemingly monstrous apparition that is in fact your origin. The tale of Perseus is telling you about your ascension and the reality in your trapped state in the Earth plane.” (Pages 58-62 Volume 2)

The Man Being Book Series

In “Man Being Volume 3: Conversations from Beyond”, Dramos and Bohemias take the Reader beyond Earth through a series of Afterlife interviews with Ascended Beings. In Volume 3, readers are encouraged to let go of the understanding that Earth is the only horizon of belief. The third instalment in the Man Being book series emphatically states that the “Earth” we live in “does not actually exist” and that “it is a dream and a memory”. There are hidden Worlds of Immortality that are described and equated with Plato’s Atlantis, which according to the Greek Philosopher was a lost civilization. But Dramos and Bohemias propose to take readers into a more comprehensive and accurate understanding of Plato’s sunken landmass.

“The understanding that there is a physical landmass is not completely correct. Your understanding about how your planet has been created and the petrification that has occurred is more of an accurate understanding of what has happened to the Atlantis civilization.” Continuing, “You are going to be correcting the origin of your present situation and how we are involved with the Atlantis story. There is no correct book that has been published and no written testament to the association of Lyra and Atlantis. This must be corrected. It is one and the same.” (Pg. 473 Volume 3)

The reference to Lyra is a reference to the Beings with whom Dramos and Bohemias are communicating – a primordial Assembly from an Intermediary World known as “Lyra”. The communication, according to the Authors, began on June 7th 2018 and is intended to return lost knowledge to Humankind in order to repair our consciousness and return us to our World of origin. They believe that our origin story has been maligned, reconstructed and grossly misinterpreted to derail our entire existence. The dissemination of the Man Being book series is a responsibility to reintroduce the truth, as many readers are now attesting to the profound shift in their own consciousness. A review from Actor Enrico Colantoni on the latest Volume’s back cover suggests that these books are beginning to reach the creative and artistic circles needed to ignite a cultural and philosophical renaissance. Time will tell if we’re on the precipice of a new Age of Enlightenment.

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