Aliens built the pyramids

Among the great Works of the past, the Pyramids, in particular Giza's ones, are, of course, those whose construction, still full of mystery, has arouses over time the greatest interest of researchers, scientists and even the average man: an engineering and architectural masterpiece of such magnitude would be difficult to erect even today, it feels like a dream a people who lived hundreds of years before the birth of Christ have succeeded in this task.

The answer to this question would be found in the extraterrestrial origin of the technology behind these buildings, in terms of the Ancient Astronauts' theory: the Pyramids would have been raised about 12500 years ago, long before the appearance of civilization on our planet, by highly evolved visitors from other worlds, landed on Earth.

Supporters of the alien origin mainly rely on some details about the "palcement" of these Mega-structures:

  • The pyramids point toward the magnetic North Pole which was unknown to the ancient Egyptians, given the lack of compasses
  • The pyramids are set to face the position that had to have the stars of the Orion Belt in 10500 B.C

This is why they must act as a beacon and landmark to Aliens during the navigation in our skies: in fact, no mummy has been found into the Pyramids at Giza, which would contradict the funerary function of this building.

Another incredible feature of the Giza Pyramid Complex is that, when viewed from the Great Sphinx during the summer solstice, in the evening, the sun sets in between two of the largest pyramids at Giza. This theory could explain, therefore also the hypothesis about the alien nature of our divinities, that humans would begin to worship as something supernatural

"Must not understanding lie open unto wisdom as the pyramids lie open to the stars? (6:2)"
-Aleister Crowley

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