Alien origins of the RH- factor

RH blood group system

The blood groups are four, called A, B, AB and 0, each of them is distinguished from the other by the presence or absence of molecules called antigens, present on the surface of red blood cells.
The Rh factor is a specific protein antigen detectable in approximately 85% of the human population, the D antigen. Among the three antigenic determinants C, D and E the antigen D represents the one of greatest clinical importance within the Rh system and is an inherited trait that is transmitted as an autosomal dominant.
In the circulatory flow, regardless of the blood group, the Rh antigen can be present or completely absent: in the first case we speak of Rh positive (Rh +), in the second of Rh negative blood (Rh-).
Its importance derives from the fact that being highly immunogenic it is able to stimulate the appearance of antibodies that can provoke strong transfusion hemolytic reactions.
Its discovery is conventionally attributed to a group of researchers led by Dr. Karl Landsteiner, around 1937, following studies conducted on a group of Rhesus macaques, from which the name Rh was derived.

Alien Blood?

According to a known conspiracy theory, individuals with the Rh- factor would have an extraterrestrial origin as this would be caused by non-human genes embedded in DNA.
Researcher Robert Spehar said that none of the 612 primate and subspecies species recognized by the IUCN has negative RH blood. In his opinion, if humanity had evolved from the same African ancestor, all blood groups would be compatible, while there are various possible combinations of compatibility of human blood.


The Rh negative phenotype is a mutation that has occurred over the millennia that has become common enough to be considered a characteristic trait, but if each of these mutations was due to a hybridization planned by aliens, we would have had dozens of visits and alien hybridizations and, above all, made by aliens compatible with our species, a factor to be excluded if we consider even the genetic difference of the beings that inhabit the Earth who also have a common ancestor.

Conspiracy theories and social implications

The implication of this conspiracy hypothesis and shared by luminaries like Robert Spehar and Brad Steiger, is that aliens have created a human-alien hybrid species to acquire and hold power by controlling humanity: according to its supporters, all the royal families and the world's powerful have rh- factor and since this characteristic is really present in the majority of them, we would face irrefutable proof.

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Some researchers believe that negative RH blood, such a strange and mysterious factor, is a trace in the human DNA of the ancient Gods, the "fallen angels" of the Bible and other ancient texts, the Nephilim, a race parallel to mankind, also known as the Watchers.
The name Nephilim, mentioned in various ancient texts, including the Bible, refers to a people of human-angel hybrids created by the cross between the "children of God" (or better "of the Gods" by translating the Hebrew "bnei ha-elohim"), descend from the heavens, and the "daughters of men".
This group of angels and their offspring were wiped out in the great biblical deluge, though some were said to have survived, leaving the Rh-negative blood distinction.
Following this hypothesis, this blood group could therefore indicate the non-human traits in the genetic heritage which is in fact slightly different from that of Homo Sapiens.
According to others, the alien intervention would be attributable to the Anunnaki population, formerly settled in Mesopotamia, who would engineer or crossbred with humans.

The gene that produces Rh-negative is largely present in Caucasians, with the highest concentration found in the Basque region, where up to 40 percent of the population is Rh-negative, and that's not the only distinguishing feature of the region: the Basque are also the only people of Western Europe who continue to speak an indigenous Indo-European language not spoken anywhere else in Europe and completely unrelated to other European languages.

Other theorists who share Spehaar's theory believe that there are some traits that characterize humans with negative RH blood and treatments related to a predisposition to psychic phenomena and alien abductions:

  • Higher than average IQ
  • Lower body temperature
  • Higher blood pressure
  • Red or reddish hair
  • Predominantly blue, green, or hazel eyes
  • Extra vertebrae
  • Sensitive vision and particular sensitivity to sunlight and heat
  • Elevated intuition and sensitivity
  • Psychic ability

There is no actual evidence of most of these traits except for the red hair issue: there would indeed be documented cases of red haired rulers in ancient civilizations around the world: on some of the oblong skulls found in South America (Paracas Skull) red hair has been found, a gene absolutely not belonging to indigenous peoples but native to the Middle East of Europe. It is no coincidence that L.A. Marzulli linked these red-haired skulls to the Nephilim.


The opinion of traditional science

From a scientific point of view, the negative Rh factor is a recessive factor which therefore occurs at a phenotypic level only in individuals homozygous for this character and is the result of a mutation that occurred in a relatively recent period and then spread until reaching the current rate of penetration into the human population.

“Everybody is a book of blood; wherever we're opened, we're red.”

― Clive Barker

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