The Giants did exist: colossal skeletons all over the world

Do colossal footprints in history prove the Giant's existence?

Is it possible that our planet was inhabited in the past by humanoid creatures of exceptional size? Certainly myths, stories and legends concerning the Giants are common to the folklore of almost all cultures, in every corner of the planet: they inhabited the Earth before the human race, lived in the mountains and subsequently were constantly at war with gods and men. In many cases there is talk of giants builders of walls and other megalithic structures, whose historical origins are still unclear and shrouded in mystery.

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Paleoanthropology has never been particularly open to the idea of an extinct race of giants. The search is difficult due to the enormous amount of incomplete and not very verifiable information, often mixed with real hoaxes.

Main cases documented

According to believers, the evidence of the existence of giants would be tangible and documented all over the world:

  • The Lucerne Giant
    In 1577 in Willisau, in the canton of Lucerne, a skeleton with enormous bones was discovered. The authorities of the area hastened to convene a commission of experts headed by the Swiss anatomist Felix Plater, who declared that, despite the unusual size, they were undoubtedly human remains. From the clay reconstruction of the skeleton, which was in fact incomplete, the drawing of a 5,80 titan meters high emerged.

  • The Castelnau-le-Lez Giant
    Three fossil bone fragments (presumably of humerus, tibia and femur) discovered by Georges Vacher de Lapouge in 1890 in the sediment used to cover a tumulus related to a Bronze Age burial and therefore probably datable to the Neolithic and attributable to a skeleton of 3.50 meters.

The Giants did exist: colossal skeletons all over the world-Bone_fragments_attributed_to_the-Castelnau_giant

  • The giant bones of Montpellier
    In 1894 there was a discovery of giant men's bones found during the excavation of a prehistoric cemetery area in Montpellier. Skulls were found measuring "71, 79 and 81 cm in circumference" along with other bones of gigantic proportions that indicated belonging to a human population about 3-4.5 m high.

  • Giant Native American Skeletons:
    -In 1924, following an archaeologist in the Lovelock cave area, in Nevada some bodies are exhumed including a female mummy almost two meters high and a male mummy that exceeded two meters and forty, which are assumed to belong to the Si-te-cah, the red-haired giants of the Paiute legend.
    -Between 1922 and 1929 the archaeological excavations directed by Prof. Ralph Gldiden on American soil have brought to light numerous skeletons more than 2.20 meters belonging to Native Americans, radically changing the conception of primitive Americans until then consolidated in areas academics.
    -In 1870, an Indian agent Frank La Fleche, announced that the Omaha Indians had unearthed eight giants with skulls measuring 60 cm; the same Indian tribes called these giants Mu-A-Luskha, and said that they had arrived millennia first from the Pacific Ocean on the American coasts, had fought and destroyed existing Amerindian tribes, founded their cities and dug wells.
    Some have speculated that they were the ancient inhabitants of Lemuria.
    -In the 70s a landowner called Martinez, in Mexico, found the bones of two men of unspeakable height.
    After being accused of murder by local authorities for having reported the fact but then released on bail, he decided to incinerate the bones.

  • The Californian giants
    In California in 1810, the skeleton of a giant with six fingers was found. On the Island of Santa Rosa, a skull was found, with a double row of teeth welded to the mighty jaw. Some soldiers stationed at Lampock Ranch, found the skeleton of a giant, and a Catholic friar ordered them to bury it again as the local natives were angered by such desecration, believing such remains what remained of an ancient god.

  • Giant finds reported in New York Times articles:
    -In 1856, in East Wheeling, Ohio, during the work in the sheriff's vineyard, a skeleton of three meters and thirty was found.
    -In 1868, some workers engaged in excavations for the construction of a dam along the Mississippi River, found the remains of a 3.40-meter human skeleton embedded in the granite rock.
    -In 1912, in an excavation carried out near Lake Delavan, in Winsconsin, about two hundred mounds were unearthed in which eighteen skeletons of enormous size and elongated skulls were found.

  • The Giants of Shemya
    In 1943, some military engineers stationed in Shemya, an island of the Aleutian group, found bones of considerable proportions and enormous skulls whose dimensions ranged from 50 to 60 cm in diameter.
    It seems that the military authorities immediately arrived on the spot ordered silence on this matter.

  • Mammoth tools in Morocco
    Near Agadir, a set of tools was found, dating back to 300,000 years ago, of such size that it could be used only by the hands of a man at least 4.50 meters tall

  • The Mesopotamian Giants necreopolis
    Towards the end of the 1950s some excavations conducted on the banks of the Euphrates led to the discovery of a real necropolis for giants: although most of the remains were stolen, in MT. Blanco Fossil Museum (USA) preserves a femur "almost" as long as the stature of an average man: it is estimated that the man to whom it belonged was at least 5 meters tall.

  • The Glozel Giant
    In this country near Vichy, in France, giant human bones, twice the size of skulls, giant handprints, as well as jewelry made to measure for gigantic limbs, all dating back to between 17-15,000 years ago, were found in 1925.

  • The Giant of Antrim
    In 1895 Mr. Dyer, during mining activities in County Antrim, Ireland, found the fossilized remains of a 3.70-meter-tall creature whose right foot had six fingers.

  • The Giant of Kandahar
    In 2002 the US troops were in Afghanistan: in Kandahar a squadron of marines had a clash with agiant with a thick beard and bright red hair.

  • The Gargayan skeleton
    A 5.18 meter human skeleton was discovered in the Philippines.

  • The Ceylon skeletons
    In southeastern China, human remains of individuals over 3 metres tall emerged. Also found were tools of staggering size (including 500 two-year axes weighing 8 kg each) that, to be handled, needed an impressive force a height of not less than 4 meters .

  • The Tura Skeleton
    A human skeleton about 3.5 meters high was discovered in Assam (western Pakistan).

  • South China teeth
    It is a sensation to find teeth about six times larger than those of a normal human being, presumably belonging to a giant man.

  • The Java Giant
    In the Java Islands in 1940 a jaw of unusual size was found: according to the proportions it should have belonged to a man over 3 meters tall

  • The mummies of Tibet
    Sven Hedin claimed to have seen gigantic mummies hidden in very deep places.

  • The giants of Sardinia
    Recently, during the archaeological excavations in the Barru dolmen, findings of outside the norm skeletons have been made.

The Giants did exist: colossal skeletons all over the world-Tomb_of_the_Giants_in Sardinia_osono_triei.jpg

  • The tombs of the Giants of Latina (Italy) In 1969, the tombs of 50 warriors were found, relating to the ancient Roman period, all between 1.80 meters and 2.20 meters high, in stark contrast to the average height of the time.

  • Giant Bones in the crypt
    In Brescia (Italy), giant bones visible through a crypt are preserved inside the church of S. Salvatore

When we hear about Giants, we always think of mythological beings or protagonists of fairy tales. And what if all of this were really far from being false or legendary? What if traditional history is wrong? What if traditional history intentionally hid the existence of giants from us?

"When the war of the giants is over the wars of the pygmies will begin."

-Winston Churchill

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